All Faculty

Name Contact Specialties
Anne Coldiron A. E. B. Coldiron
George Matthews Edgar Professor
WMS 447
Renaissance and late-medieval literature, history of text technologies, comparative literature, translation studies, poetry
Aaron Jaffe
Frances Cushing Ervin Professor
WMS 429
Modernism; Modern and contemporary literature, culture, media
Alisha Gaines
Associate Professor
WMS 228
African American literature and studies, popular culture, gender and sexuality studies, cultural studies, New Southern studies
Andrew Epstein Andrew Epstein
WMS 409
20th- and 21st-century U.S. literature and culture, modern and postmodern poetry and poetics, 19th century American literature
Barbara Hamby
Senior Lecturer, Distinguished University Scholar
WMS 419
Creative writing, poetry
Barry Faulk
Professor, Associate Chair, Curriculum
WMS 414
Music and Literature, Literary Theory, Victorian literature and culture, popular culture studies
Bob Shacochis
Senior Lecturer
WMS 405 Creative writing, fiction and non-fiction
Bruce Boehrer
WMS 112A
Milton, Shakespeare, Jonson, early modern English drama, neo-Latin verse
Candace Ward
WMS 213
18th-century British and Anglo-Caribbean literature and culture, early women's fiction
Photograph of Celia Caputi by Cindy Miller Celia R. Caputi
WMS 422
Renaissance literature, feminist theory, and critical race studies
Christina Parker-Flynn
Assistant Professor
WMS 441
Film theory and criticism, gender studies, 19th-century literature and culture, comparative literature, Hitchcock studies
David F. Johnson
Professor, Director, Literature
WMS 453
Medieval literature and culture, Old and Middle English language and literature, textual studies
David Gants
Associate Professor
WMS 316
Humanities computing, history of the book, history of text technologies, renaissance literature, descriptive and analytical bibliography
David Kirby
Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor
WMS 420
Creative writing, poetry, 19th- and 20th-century U.S. literature, non-fiction
Deborah Coxwell-Teague
Teaching Professor, Director, College Composition
WMS 222A
First-Year Composition Program
Dennis Moore
Associate Professor, University Distinguished Teaching Professor
WMS 416
18th-century circumatlantic culture, antebellum U.S. and African American culture, American studies
Diane Roberts
Professor, University Alumni Distinguished Writer
WMS 434
Creative non-fiction, Southern culture, gender studies, 19th- and 20th-century culture
Elizabeth Stuckey-French
WMS 226
Creative writing, fiction
Eric Walker Eric Walker
Professor British Romantic culture, Austen, adoption studies
Erin Belieu
WMS 326
Creative writing, poetry
Frances H. Tran Frances H. Tran
Assistant Professor
WMS 414
Asian American and multiethnic cultural studies, 20th and 21st century literatures of the Americas; science and speculative fictions, feminist and queer of color critique, American studies, ethnic studies, critical university studies and pedagogy
Gary Taylor
Pryor Professor in Shakespearean Literature, Chair
WMS 405
Shakespeare, early modern drama, history of text technologies, history of the book, digital humanities, editorial theory and practice
J. Perry Howell
Associate Lecturer
WMS 113
Rhetoric of science and technology, media and anxiety, negotiation processes, surveillance.
Jaclyn Fiscus Jaclyn Fiscus
Assistant Professor
WMS 436
Composition and rhetoric, sociolinguistics, and multimodal composition pedagogy
James Kimbrell
WMS 427
Creative writing, poetry, and translation
Jamie C. Fumo
WMS 413
Medieval English literature, especially Chaucer; intertextuality and reception; classical transmission; authorship; comparative studies
Jerrilyn McGregory
WMS 458
Folklore and folklife, transnational and diaspora theories, African American and multiethnic literature, cultural studies
Joann Gardner
Associate Professor
WMS 426
Creative writing, poetry, 20th-century literature, women's studies
John Mac Kilgore
Assistant Professor
WMS 324
Early American literature, 18th- and 19th-century US literature, American studies, transnationalism, critical theory and philosophy, literature and politics
John Ribó
Assistant Professor
WMS 442
U.S. Latina/o, Latin American, and Caribbean literatures, comparative literature, cultural studies, popular culture
Judith Pascoe
George Mills Harper Professor
WMS 421
Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature and culture, collecting history and theory, theatre and performance studies, digital humanities, voice recording history and theory
Karen Laughlin
Associate Professor, Dean of Undergraduate Studies
UCA 3300
Modern and American drama, women's studies and critical theory
Kathleen Blake Yancey
Kellogg W. Hunt Professor
WMS 223B
Composition studies, writing assessment, and literacies and technologies
Kristie S. Fleckenstein
Professor, Director, Rhetoric & Composition
WMS 224
Visual and material rhetorics, modern rhetorical theory, feminist theory, composition pedagogy
Leigh H. Edwards
WMS 439
20th and 21st century U.S. literature and popular culture, media studies, American studies, cultural studies, 19th century U.S. literature and culture
Lindsey Eckert
Assistant Professor
WMS 432
Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature and culture, Romanticism, history of the book, history of text technologies, digital humanities
Mark Winegardner Mark Winegardner
Janet Burroway Professor
WMS 453
Creative writing, fiction, non-fiction
Maxine Lavon Montgomery
WMS 433
African American fiction, contemporary black women's novels, cultural and gender studies
Meegan Kennedy
Associate Professor
WMS 431
Victorian literature and culture, the British novel, Victorian science and medicine, periodical studies, gender studies, literature and medicine
Michael Neal
Associate Professor
WMS 223C
Rhetoric and composition, composition theory and practice, writing assessment, multi-media composition
Molly Hand
Lecturer, Entrepreneur in Residence
WMS 423
Academic and professional editing and writing, early modern cultural studies
Ned Stuckey-French
Associate Professor, Associate Chair, Graduate Studies
WMS 325
20th-century American literature and culture, creative non-fiction
Ravi Howard
Assistant Professor
WMS 428
Creative writing, fiction, creative non-fiction, African-American narratives
Rhea Estelle Lathan
Associate Professor, Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies
WMS 222F
Rhetoric and composition, African American literacies pedagogy, Afrifeminist theory, composition research methodology
Robert Olen Butler
Francis Eppes Professor
WMS 411
Creative writing, fiction, screenwriting
Robert Stilling
Assistant Professor
WMS 309
Twentieth- and Twenty-first-century British literature and culture, global Anglophone literature, modernism, postcolonial studies, Fin-de-siècle literature, poetry and poetics, queer literature
Robin Truth Goodman
WMS 216
Critical and Cultural Theory, Postcolonial literature and theory, feminism, cultural studies
Russ Franklin WMS 437
S. E. Gontarski
Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor
WMS 430
20th-century Irish studies, modernism, performance theory, history of text technologies
Skip Horack
Associate Professor
WMS 438
Creative writing, fiction and creative non-fiction
Stephen McElroy
Lecturer, Director, Reading Writing Center and Digital Studio
WMS 229
Writing centers & digital studios, multimodal composition, assemblage
Tarez Samra Graban
Associate Professor
WMS 221
Histories of rhetoric and composition, digital humanities, feminist rhetorics and rhetorical theory, transnationalism, multilingual writing
Terri Bourus
Professor of Theatre, Courtesy Professor of English
FAA 108
Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama, Irish drama, book history, women's studies
Trinyan Paulsen Mariano
Assistant Professor
WMS 323
19th and 20th century American literature, culture, and history; African-American literature; law and literature; the novel
Virgil Suarez
WMS 452
Creative writing, fiction and poetry, Latino/a literature