Undergraduate FAQ

How do I drop ENC1101/2135 from my schedule?

You must contact Undergraduate Studies to have these courses dropped from your schedule, even during the open registration period. You may call 850-644-2451 or stop by UCA3400.

How can I get into an English course that is full?

The English department cannot add students to full courses unless that specific section of that specific course is needed to graduate in the current semester. Please speak with your advisor to confirm you are eligible to add over enrollment capacity. Your advisor will then reach out to the instructor on your behalf to explain your situation and request that you be allowed to enroll in their course. No instructor is obligated to allow extra students in their course. Once an instructor gives permission for you to add, your advisor will manually enroll you.

How late in the term can I add a course?

You can add a course with written instructor permission at any point in the semester. However, most professors will not grant permission after the first week of classes.

How do I get into a 4000 level advanced writing workshop?

You must have first completed the 3000 level technique class for the related genre, or plan to have it completed by the semester you plan to enroll in the workshop. At the appropriate point in the semester, advisors send out a document to all English students listing each workshop along with the admission criteria. Admission is at the discretion of individual instructors, and criteria will always vary. Some may require certain grades from the related technique course or a submission of your best work in the genre. For further information, contact an English advisor.

Are the 4000 level advanced writing workshops repeatable?

Yes. These courses are repeatable for up to 9 hours of credit. However, you may not repeat the classes during the same semester or with the same instructor.

Can one course count toward two degree requirements?

Yes and no, depending on which requirements you are trying to fulfill. Diversity courses required by liberal studies (x and y diversity) may “double dip” with your major or minor coursework. Scholarship in Practice courses, of which two are required for liberal studies, may come from your major or minor. Oral competency and computer fluency may also overlap with other requirements. However, you are not allowed to “double count” any courses between your major, minor, and/or liberal studies at the same time. Essentially, most classes may not count for multiple requirements at the same time. Please see your advisor to discuss any specific situations.

If I get lower than a C- in an English course, can I apply it to the major?

No. All major coursework must be completed with a C- or higher. A grade of D- or higher will, however, give you degree hours towards the 120+ hours required for graduation.

Do I need to complete a minor?

Yes. The BA in English requires completion of a minor from an outside department. Most minors require 12-15 hours of coursework. See the Academic Program Guide for more information on minors.

Students may choose to complete a second major in lieu of a minor. Students may also choose to complete a certificate in lieu of a minor, for example the Certificate in Leadership Studies or the Global Citizenship Certificate. Students may not complete the Certificate in Publishing and Editing because it is not from an outside department, as stated above.

Do I need to take foreign language courses?

Yes. The BA in English requires students be proficient in a foreign language through the intermediate 2220 level. You may take a modern or classical foreign language. Even though American sign language meets this requirement, the final required level is currently limited to students in the Communication Sciences and Disorders program and is not accessible for English majors.

If a student has previously taken Spanish, French, or German in high school or at another university and wishes to continue learning the same language, the student is required to take the placement test or will risk being dropped from the course. You must take the placement test even if you are certain you will not be able to “skip” any levels.

Students must register for the test using Register Blast and complete the test at the Testing Center in UCC1200. The test is free.

Students wishing to start a new language will need three semesters to reach the required level (example: FRE1120, 1121, 2220).

If you are fluent in Spanish, French, or German, you may waive this requirement with the placement test or CLEP. If you are able to waive all three levels, you must print a copy of your scores and bring them to the Modern Languages advisor in 364 Diffenbaugh. If you are fluent in another language for which there is no placement test, please see the Modern Languages advisor in 364 Diffenbaugh to waive the requirement.

Can I take foreign language courses pass/fail (S/U)?

Yes, if you have an FSU GPA of at least 2.5. This means first semester students are not eligible. American Sign language may not be taken pass/fail. A maximum of one S/U course may be taken per term (exclusive of PE or internship courses) up to a maximum total of 18 credit hours.

Who do I talk to for course scheduling and to see what requirements I have left?

Academic Advisors are located on the 4th floor of the Williams Building and there is always at least one advisor available from 9am to 4pm. English advisors are available M-F for virtual and in-person appointments, which can be scheduled using Campus Connect. Drop-in appointments are also offered on a weekly basis. Check your emails for updates about drop-in advising every week. If you are having trouble utilizing campus connect to schedule an appointment, or if you have specific questions, you can reach out directly to any member of our advising team:

Hannah Beth Ragland (hragland@fsu.edu)
Patti Gaddis (pgaddis@fsu.edu)
Jennifer Lee (jylee@fsu.edu)

What are the requirements for ENC4942, Editing and Writing Internship?

EWM students are required to take this course for 3 credit hours while they complete their internship. It is open to all English majors, and we encourage all students to consider doing an internship. Students must have completed all the core requirements for their track prior to enrolling in the internship course. For each credit hour, students must write 2,000 words or edit 3,000. For 3 credit hours, this equals writing 6,000 words or editing 9,000. If you wish to do a combination of editing and writing, please speak to Dr. Hand, who is in charge of this course.

Who can I speak to for help finding an internship that will meet the requirements for ENC4942?

John Combs (jcombs2@fsu.edu) is our Career Liaison, also located on the 4th floor of Williams. He is available by appointment and at various times for drop ins. Please see our weekly email for updates on his availability. He can assist with many career related questions. You may also wish to see our Internship Website. On the bottom right of the homepage, you will see a link to a list of many of the previous internship placements our students have had, as well as descriptions of the work and contact information.