• Feroz Rather tells the stories of everyday Kashmiri lives

    English department Ph.D. student Feroz Rather's "fierce and lyrical" writing gives a voice to the silenced people in his home country.

  • Alumna Mikaela Bender finds down-to-earth success with her science fiction

    Her latest story, Expiration Date, has millions of fans and the pilot episode debuted June 7 on SYFY.

  • A recharged perspective leads to advocating novel future paths for students

    George Mills Harper Professor of English Judith Pascoe has merged her own academic pursuits with empowering the next generation of students to broaden their opportunities and outlooks on learning.

  • English department awards ceremony celebrates writing and teaching excellence

    In addition to showing appreciation for the undergraduate and graduate student winners, the 2018-19 event featured FSU President John Thrasher honoring Professor David Kirby's first 50 years of teaching.


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The insights Feroz Rather can provide into the violence the people of Kashmir are experiencing have garnered a lot of attention recently. The Guardian recently heralded his book as one of “the best books to understand the current geopolitical crisis caused by India’s military siege and communications blackout in Kashmir."

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Michaels joins FSU English Ph.D. alumnus Blake Stricklin and English Professor S.E. Gontarski to focus on Burroughs' archives.

Dennis Moore is not just retiring from Florida State University after 28 years of teaching, mentoring, research, and service to the scholarly community at large. He is leaving the Department of English, the place during those nearly three decades that he says “has been an academic home, indeed, my fun home. Full stop.”