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jerome stern series

Gather weekly at The Bark restaurant to feed your creative cravings.

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Michaels joins FSU English Ph.D. alumnus Blake Stricklin and English Professor S.E. Gontarski to focus on Burroughs' archives.

Dennis Moore

Dennis Moore is not just retiring from Florida State University after 28 years of teaching, mentoring, research, and service to the scholarly community at large. He is leaving the Department of English, the place during those nearly three decades that he says “has been an academic home, indeed, my fun home. Full stop.”

mikaela bender

SyFy Network, Wattpad, and Tongal select recent FSU English graduate's science-fiction thriller to receive a story-to-screen production.

David Advent and Erin Christopher excelled throughout their undergraduate careers as English majors, so capping the experience by winning two major department awards is no surprise. Even if both students weren't quite sure what they won at first.

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The Department of English’s top honor for doctoral students during its annual awards ceremony is the Edward H. and Marie C. Kingsbury Graduate Fellowship. Tanya Grae and Christopher Michaels are the 2019 recipients, and both expressed appreciation for the recognition.