Program Happenings

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Annual Digital Symposium

The Digital Studio hosts an annual event called the Digital Symposium that highlights some of the digital scholarship, teaching, and production in the department and beyond. Each year the program curators organized an open house and publishes a website to house the selected projects for the year.


2020 Digital Symposium

Noah Patterson: Curator

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2019 Digital Symposium

Joel Bergholtz: Curator

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2018 Digital Symposium

Netty Lehn: Curator

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2017 Digital Symposium

Brad Anderson: curator

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Speaker Series

Each year the Rhetoric and Composition hosts at least two visiting scholars, who come to campus to interact with the faculty and graduate students, participate in a variety of interaction sessions, and deliver a talk from their recent scholarly activity. Many times this speakers are chosen in relationship to a reading group, a course being offered that semester, or another topic of importance to the discipline. This time is important for graduate students and faculty to network and interact with leading scholars in the field. In addition to the external speakers, FSU faculty will often present from their work following a semester of research (e.g. sabbatical, research leave) in order to share their newest scholarship with the local community. Most of the time (if the schedule allows) these speakers are interviewed by select graduate students: many of the transcripts of those interviews are listed below. Since around 2012, the Rhetoric and Composition Program Assistant has designed a flier for each of the speaker events, which you can see below as well as the list of renown scholars who have visited FSU to participate in the intellectual community.