By registering for credit in ENC 4942 or ENC 5945, students become fee-liable and grade-liable for the internship course.

Students are required to submit an Internship Contract to the ENC 4942/5945 course website by the last day of the drop/add window in the semester in which they register for course credit. Students should print, complete, and scan both pages of the form.

ENC 4942

Undergraduate students must complete this application in order to receive permission to register for ENC 4942. Applications may be submitted at any time before and during the regular registration window.

  • Students MAY apply to register before securing an internship and while in the process of completing their core course requirements.
  • Students MUST apply to register by the end of the regular registration window for the semester of course enrollment. Registration windows are included in the academic calendar for each term. Students will not be permitted to register during drop/add.

Students should be aware of the following policies:

  1. ENC 4942 is restricted to English majors only.
  2. Students must have completed the core course requirements for their major in order to enroll.
  3. Students must enroll in the course during the semester when they are actually completing their internship (i.e., under normal circumstances, students may not receive retroactive credit for an internship completed in a previous semester).

ENC 5945

Graduate students who have been admitted to the Certificate in Editing and Publishing may register for ENC 5945 and should contact Dr. Hand with any questions or concerns.


Undergraduate and graduate students may earn variable credit (from 1 to 6 semester hours) for an internship.

At the undergraduate level, Editing, Writing, and Media majors are required to complete three hours of course credit; for Creative Writing and Literature, Media, and Culture majors, the course counts as English elective credit. Students may register for course credit over multiple semesters. Only three hours count toward the requirements for English majors, regardless of the concentration. Any additional hours count as general elective credit.

Students pursuing the Certificate in Editing and Publishing may enroll in ENC 5945 for up to six credit hours and may apply up to six credit hours toward completion of the certificate. Three credit hours are required.

For both ENC 4942 and ENC 5945, students are expected to complete the following, for each 1 credit sought:

  • Work 4 hours per week
  • Write 2000 words or edit 3000 (or an equivalent of writing and editing work)

Thus, for 3 credit hours, an intern would work 12 hours per week and write 6000 words or edit 9000 words.

Internships may be completed in any semester; both ENC 4942 and ENC 5945 are offered each term.


Internships are graded S/U only. Failure to submit a thorough final portfolio that meets the course requirements will result in a grade of Unsatisfactory for the course.


Because students receive degree hours for the Editing Internship, tuition and fees are assessed as with any other course.

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