President's Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence

Andy Mills

"Receiving Revelation" from Room to Grow and Other Stories

Andy Mills is an interdisciplinary artist and writer. They are interested in memory, rock and roll, and the transformative properties of the ocean. Their work has been published in The Eyrie, the Kudzu Review, SIX Magazine, and the Exposition Review, where they were nominated for the Pushcart Prize. They are pursuing a degree in Creative Writing and Studio Art at Florida State University. Read more about Andy's President's Showcase presentation.





Kimasia Ayers

Building Beyond Survival: Exposing the Impact of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome on Small Black-Owned Businesses in Tallahassee, FL

Born and raised in beautiful Orlando, Florida, Kimasia Ayers strives to provide a loving and supportive environment for her community. Majoring in Creative Writing and African-American studies with a minor in innovation, she has made it her mission to utilize her love for linguistics and creativity to cultivate authentic stories and experiences. Aside from a plethora of published works, Kimasia is a sociologist, multimedia designer, and community resource, forever driven by her passion for her divine purpose. Read more about Kimasia's President's Showcase presentation.



Justin Nightshade

Evergreen Plantation: Artifacts of the Past

Justin Nightshade was born in and grew up in the small town of Bonita Springs, Florida. Though he came to FSU as a Creative Writing student, he discovered an interest in archaeology his first year. Read more about Justin's President's Showcase presentation.






Hannah Raisner

A Comparative Analysis of References to Dante in American, British, and Italian Politics

Hannah Raisner is a junior studying Political Science and Creative Writing. She first became interested in research through FSU’s Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP), where she worked on the site Dante Today, which introduced her to Dante and his works. Read more about Hannah's President's Showcase presentation.