• Aaron Rodriguez hopes to give BVI community better tool to ease reading process

    Rodriguez is an English doctoral student, and he is the co-developer of an app called Vizling, which improves the ability to access multi-modal texts.

  • Dorian Paul Rogers brought a poetic voice to Abu Dhabi

    A Florida State University graduate, he currently teaches English in the United Arab Emirates capital and runs a series of open mic nights and poetry slams called Rooftop Rhythms.

  • Jeremy Willis took creative path to find fulfilling career

    Willis, an English alumnus, discovered that his talent for telling stories fits well in the nonfiction world of sports journalism and his several roles with ESPN.


Student, Alumni, and Donor News

FSU seal

The English department's Job Placement Committee and Placement Practicum course focus on preparing graduate students for the job search process.

Jensen Kervern

As an English-Editing, Writing, and Media major, she has gained skills and insights that strengthen her commitment to promote underrepresented voices through the newspaper and in her post-graduation goals.

Alex Pippin

Her presentation is posted online, and voting is open until 11:59 p.m. on March 29. Winners will be announced April 2.

Juris Doctor logo

The four-week summer program, which will be offered online from June 1-June 25, 2021, free of charge. In addition to many other workshops and lessons, students will receive instructions on how to best prepare for the LSAT.

Hannah Kealy

Before Hannah Kealy graduated from FSU in May 2018, the student-run campus magazine she co-founded, Strike, was being regularly published. She currently assists with the launching process of Strike chapters at other campuses.

Jade and Jordan Heise

Jade and Jordan Heise, twin sisters, graduated in the fall of 2020 with their English degrees in the Literature, Media, and Culture Program. They both started out at FSU with plans to pursue degrees related to science, but classes with English doctoral students caused them to switch majors.

Lauren Martin

Florida State University senior Lauren Martin is editor in chief of FSU Her Campus. She joined Her Campus in her first year at FSU because she appreciated the organization's ties to her career aspirations.

Diamond Forde

"Mother Body" explores the idea of mothering Forde’s “Black body,” and the poems delve into the concept of self-love related to a woman’s weight. The collection of poems, which Forde calls "my baby," is set for a March 15 release.

Kristian Denny

Denny is seasoned crisis management professional who has worked in the field for nearly 30 years, focusing primarily on politics at the national and state levels. She graduated from FSU in 1992


FSU's Graduate English Student Organization offers themed parties as well as casual gatherings to virtually socialize.