English Department Staff Profiles


    Business Manager

    When Clare Harrison is not in her Williams Building office, carrying out her job responsibilities as the English     department business manager, she could be anywhere in Florida camping with her family.

Denise Atkinson

    Accounting Representative

    The job title next to Denise Atkinson’s name is “Department of English Accountant,” but her responsibilities outside of     the office really define her as an individual.

Britni DeZerga

    Graduate Program Coordinator

    Britni DeZerga is an avid amateur botanist, crochet enthusiast, and a cat mom. As the English department’s Graduate     Program Coordinator, she brings more to the desk she sits behind than most people know about.

Christie Daniels

    College Composition Program Assistant

    Christie Daniels’ list of responsibilities in her Florida State University English department role is a mixed bag, which she     welcomes.

Victoria Hopkins

    Academic Support Assistant

    Victoria Hopkins recently joined Florida State University’s English department as Academic Support Assistant. Her     previous experience in academia spurred her to return to the environment at FSU.

Alejandro Valentin

    Administrative Associate

    Alejandro Valentin found the right job at the right time, and his creative spirit fits well with the Department of English's     environment.

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