University Honors Program—Carly Colonna

Carly Colonna was one of the 228 Florida State University 2020 graduates who finished their college career with the distinction of earning a University Honors Program medallion. More information about the requirements for completing the University Honors Program can be found here.



English, Editing, writing, and media, with a second major in Media & Communication Studies


Bradenton, Florida


What was the inspiration behind you pursuing the Honors Program designation?

I decided to the pursue the Honors Program designation so that I could be a part of a like-minded and motivated community on campus. Being able to apply for classes early and living in Landis Hall on campus were additional perks.

What activities did you complete to meet the requirements for the designation?

Personally, I earned 14 points through honors courses and 4 additional points by earning 120 community service hours.

Did you work with a faculty advisor during the time you were working on the Honors designation or was this something you did on your own?

I met with an Honors Advisor to make sure that I was fulfilling all of my requirements to ensure that I would earn the Honors designation. Other than meeting with this advisor once a semester, I largely completed this on my own.

If with an advisor, could you give that person's name and what it was like working with the advisor? The Honors Advisor that I worked with was Katie Mikusak, who was very helpful and always willing to answer my many questions. I thought that it was fairly easy to stay on top of my requirements. I checked my academic progress reports diligently to ensure that all of my requirements were being met, and used my advisor as a source of confirmation.

What did you enjoy most about working on the Honors requirement?

My favorite part about working on the Honors requirement was volunteering for community service hours. I completed most of these hours through EngageTLH, which is a part of the Center for Leadership & Social Change. I also worked the same service trips week after week. This allowed me to form connections and friendships with the individuals who have similar interests. The bond I had with them made me look forward to completing my service hours.

What advice would you give to any English students who want to earn this honor?

My advice to any English student who wants to earn this honor is to take as many English honors courses as you can! I found that I usually had the same classmates in my honors courses, which allowed me to form friendships that continued semester after semester. You also will benefit if you become connected with Honors students of the same major because they are always helpful. They are willing to help you choose good professors and give advice on how to best fulfill your honors requirements.

What plans do you have post-graduation?

While the COVID-19 pandemic has slightly altered my post-graduation plans, my goal is still to pursue a career in the book publishing industry and ideally move to New York City. I am currently an intern with Opening Nights through InternFSU, which was extended for additional hours after the end of the semester, but that position will not continue after June 2nd.


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