Digital Studio is back, ready to help FSU students

By Tabitha Labrato

With Florida State University classes still online, many students are likely scouting out additional assistance when it comes to projects assigned by their instructors.

For students seeking support with digital projects this spring semester, the Digital Studio (DS), housed in the English department, is fully online again and ready to help. The DS assists undergraduate and graduate students who are working on digital projects such as designing an electronic portfolio, designing a website, creating a blog, composing a visual essay, website building, presentations, digital design, video editing, and audio editing.

“We’re a great resource for students at any stage of the process—brainstorming, drafting, and revising,” says Amanda Ayers, a Digital Studio coordinator. “We do some of our best work helping students plan for, and revise, their digital projects. We can act as an audience for your digital project and provide helpful feedback.”

The Digital Studio also specializes in assistance geared toward completing assignments in English classes—including ENC2135, ENC1101, and other courses in the English majors—but is open to all FSU students.

“While we work with a lot of Editing, Writing, and Media majors and students taking classes in the College Composition program, we'd love to be able to work with students from outside the English department, since the Studio is for everyone,” explains Amory Orchard, who also is a Digital Studio coordinator.

Even if the project seems beyond their capabilities, the coordinators excel at resource hunting; just set up an appointment and they can help you find what you need.

The studio offers essential resources for students seeking digital assistance, and the DS team consists of welcoming individuals who want to help students, such as Ayers, Orchard, and the consultants.

Ayers understands how nerve-racking it can be to share work with others, especially when the project feels unfinished. She encourages students to think about the DS like going to the gym.

“You don’t go to the gym after you’ve met all your fitness goals,” she explains. “You go to the gym, meet with a trainer and take a class to help you meet those goals. That’s what the DS is here for—we’re here to support you as you build up your strength and agility with digital projects.”

Ayers emphasizes how the DS will partner with you in the process, so you have everything you need to be successful. Additionally, she reminds students that every DS Consultant is also a student.

“We bring our work to the RWC and DS for feedback. We know what it feels like to share something we’re not sure about,” Ayers says. “Think of us as your peers.”

All consultants can offer general feedback on projects, but each individual has areas of interest and works with certain programs more frequently. To schedule an appointment with a consultant who specializes in a certain area, you can visit the DS website, check out the areas of expertise, and select your choice.

The DS coordinators feel as if they are creating an approachable atmosphere for students to seek help, and the consultants feel the same way.

“The DS is comfortable and approachable because of the people, it's as simple as that. Our consultants are great, my team is great, and our leaders are great,” says Kathleen Lipham, one of the consultants. “They are supportive, kind, helpful and make me feel comfortable which, in turn, makes my clients and students feel comfortable. The DS is a safe space, a creative space, and a fun space for all.”

As Lipham explains, the studio is a place for students to bring in their work, their ideas and their creations, and the DS helps to bring their visions to life. The DS is an inviting place for students to request help and set up digital workshops, even from the comfort of their own home, apartment, or dorm room.

To request a workshop, fill out the Google Form on the DS website Group Workshops page here. For additional information regarding the Digital Studio visit their webpage here.

Tabitha Labrato is an English major, on the editing, writing, and media track, with a minor in communications. 

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