At the end of the internship, all students submit an ePortfolio for evaluation. The final ePortfolio will include, at a minimum, the following:

  • Artifacts: All writing and editing work produced during the internship
  • Word counts for individual artifacts as well as total word count
  • A log of hours and work completed each week
  • A reflective essay (850-1100 words)
  • An updated résumé
  • A final letter of evaluation from the internship supervisor

Links to final ePortfolios must be submitted to the course Canvas site by the last day of classes in the term of enrollment.

Why an ePortfolio?

By building an ePortfolio, students apply much of what they learn not just through their internships, but through their coursework as English majors. Students are encouraged to think creatively, critically, and rhetorically as they design the websites that will showcase their professional work. Students produce a polished site that may be linked in a student’s résumé, in social media platforms such as LinkedIn, and more. It provides prospective clients, employers, or other contacts a more in-depth view of a student’s academic and professional profile.

ePortfolios may be built in a variety of platforms. Many students use Wix; other options include Weebly, Wordpress, and Adobe Portfolio. Interns are encouraged to visit FSU’s Digital Studio for thoughtful guidance and feedback, as well as instruction in how to use various platforms, as they work on their ePortfolios. FSU’s Career Center also has a proprietary digital Career Portfolio platform, which features institutional branding and a straightforward template.

Ideally, the ePortfolio is a capstone project reflecting a transitional, professional experience, as students move from their academic journeys to their career paths. Some students will have built ePortfolios and modified them as they progress through their course requirements; those students may modify existing ePortfolios to include their internship work, tailoring their sites for professional purposes.

Below are several ePortfolios created by interns in previous semesters:

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