Curriculum and Requirements | Editing, Writing, and Media

Core Requirements (12 hours): Students must complete all four courses.

  • ENG 2012: Intro to English Studies
  • ENC 3021: Rhetoric
  • ENC 3416: Writing & Editing in Print & Online
  • ENG 3803: History of Text Technologies

Advanced Requirements (9 hours): Students must complete at least three courses from the following list.

  • ENC4212: Editing Manuscripts/Documents/Reports
  • ENC4218: Visual Rhetoric in the Digital Age
  • ENC4404: Advanced Writing and Editing
  • ENG3804: History of Illustrated Texts
  • ENG4020: Rhetorical Theory and Practice
  • ENG4834: Issues in Publishing
  • ENG4815: What is a Text?

Internship: 3 hours

(For information on internships, see the Editing Internship page)

  • ENC4942: Editing Internship (graded S/U)

English Electives - 12 hours

(Students must complete four courses at 3000 / 4000 level)


Additional Requirements for all English majors

  • All courses in the major must be completed with a C- or higher;
  • At least 9 hours of coursework in English must be at the 4000 level;
  • A minor, certificate program, or second major must be completed in another department;
  • Foreign language proficiency must be demonstrated through the intermediate or 2220 level.

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