Suzanne Raybuck

Suzanne Raybuck is an Honors student and Presidential Scholar in her sophomore year at Florida State University and is pursuing dual degrees in English with a concentration in Editing, Writing and Media and Information Technology. In exploring the intersection of her two passions, writing and technology, Suzanne participated in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program during her first year and began doing research into digital humanities and the different ways humanists can leverage technology to conduct research. For the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters, Suzanne worked as the digital publication intern under Sarah Stanley at the Office of Digital Research and Scholarship through the InternFSU program. Most of her research at DRS has been into utilizing and evaluating different digital publication tools that are available to undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty at FSU. She has applied to present at the annual Text Encoding Initiative conference in Graz, Austria, with a critical evaluation of the new element that was added to the TEI coding language. Independently, Suzanne focuses her time and research on digital narratives and how 21st-century writers have leveraged new digital tools and mediums to create compelling stories online. Suzanne plans on pursing an honors thesis and authoring a long-form webcomic or digital narrative, which will allow her to employ her knowledge of both technology and writing. During the summer of 2019, she will travel to Hong Kong with FSU International Programs for an internship abroad at Marriot International under its director of IT governance. There, she will gain on-the-job experience working at enterprise-level information technology and management. Suzanne will graduate in the spring of 2021 and plans to attend graduate school to further study digital narrative techniques and implementation.