John Fenstermaker

Fred L. Standley Professor

JOHN FENSTERMAKER, is Fred L. Standley Professor of English and University Distinguished Teacher, Emeritus. He specializes in Victorian and Modern American literature and culture and was English Department Chair (1982-1994) and Director of the Program in American and Florida Studies (2001-2008). He is co-founder of the Florida Book Awards program. Active in the profession of English Studies, he has served as President of the Florida College English Association, the Florida Association of Departments of English, The South Atlantic Association of Departments of English, and the South Atlantic Modern Language Association. His most recent book is The Art of Literary Research (with Richard D. Altick). His principal scholarly interest is Ernest Hemingway, particularly the author's life and work between the World Wars.


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  • Outstanding Teacher Award, South Atlantic Association of Departments of English, 2004.
  • Fred L. Standley Professor, 2003.
  • Distinguished Research Professor, 2002.
  • University Distinguished Teacher Award, 2001.
  • Florida Humanities Council grant to create the exhibit Hemingway in Florida and Cuba, 2000.
  • Florida Center for the Book grant to bring to the Museum of Florida History, the National Portrait Gallery's Centennial exhibit Picturing Hemingway, 2000.
  • University Teaching Award, Florida State University, 1998-99.
  • The President's Teaching Award, 1984-85.

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