Jerrilyn McGregory

WMS 458
Folklore and folklife, transnational and diaspora theories, African American and multiethnic literature, cultural studies

JERRILYN McGREGORY, Professor, Ph.D. in Folklore and Folklife University of Pennsylvania, MPS in Africana Studies Cornell University, MA in English Purdue University, BA in English Illinois Wesleyan University. She specializes in African American folklore and folklife, African Diaspora Studies, and onomastics (the study of proper names).

She is the author of Wiregrass Country, a regional folklife study of the South. To supplement the general regional study, Downhome Gospel: African American Spiritual Activism in Wiregrass Country has been released by the University Press of Mississippi. It centers little known contemporary African American traditions such as the Twentieth of May (Emancipation Day); Sunday Morning Band (Burial societies), and sacred music from shape-note to contemporary gospel.

For her current research project, she has conducted fieldwork on Boxing Day in Jamaica, Bermuda, St. Croix, St. Kitts and the Bahamas. Tentatively entitled "One Grand Noise: Boxing Day in the African Diaspora," this study documents transnational cultural flows, moving beyond the festival arts. Furthermore, it locates retentions that situate the Florida Panhandle traditions within an array of observed cultural tropes found throughout the Circum-Caribbean Basin.


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  • One Grand Noise: Boxing Day in the African Diaspora (book)
  • Aareck to Zsaneka: African American Naming Patterns (book)

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