Janet Burroway


Retirement is not any less arduous than teaching, but it is more focused. It's been good to find out that I was not lying all those years: when I'm not teaching, I do write more. My eighth novel, Devil's Play, will be out from Harcourt fall of 2008. My play Parts of Speech has been in development in Orlando, first with the Women Playwright's Initiative, and since then with the troupe that read it for them. I have completed a memoir of my son Tim, and it is out in the world looking for a home. Next project, in my mind and for one reason and another on hold for ten years now, is a musical adaptation of Barry Unsworth's novel Morality Play. Peter and I are in the process of moving (bit by bit) to a home in the Wisconsin woods. At least, we'll try it. The poor housing market may have a silver lining for us: we're not selling our house in Tallahassee yet. Who knows if we'll be back?