Rhetoric and Composition Faculty







Deborah Coxwell-Teague, Teaching Professor, College Composition Program Director
Interests: composition pedagogy and writing programs

Jaclyn Fiscus, Assistant Professor of English
Interests: Composition and rhetoric, sociolinguistics, and multimodal composition pedagogy

Kristie S. Fleckenstein, Professor of English, Program Director
Interests: materiality, visual literacy, feminist theory, and composition pedagogy

Tarez Samra Graban, Associate Professor of English
Interests: histories of rhetoric and composition, feminist rhetorical theory, digital humanities, archival studies, transnational feminism, multilingual writing [link to ePortfolio]

Rhea Estelle Lathan, Associate Professor English
Interests: African American and women's literacies, literacy development, the teaching of writing, critical race theory, identity politics

Stephen McElroy, Director of the Reading-Writing Center and Digital Studio
Interests: intersections of assemblage theory and composition, writing support networks, digital composition

Michael Neal, Associate Professor of English
Interests: writing assessment, digital technologies and composition, multi-media authorship and ownership [link to ePortfolio]

Kathleen Blake Yancey, Kellogg W. Hunt Professor of English and Distinguished Research Professor
Interests: composition studies, writing assessment, reflection, and the intersections of culture, literacy and technologies


Affiliated Faculty These are faculty members from other programs with whom we share interests and who have offered applicable courses and/or have served on Rhet/Comp graduate committees.

Leigh H. Edwards, Associate Professor of English, media studies and popular culture

David Gants, Professor of English, history of texts technologies and digital humanities

Davis Houck, Professor of Communication, the American civil rights movement, mediated representations of sport, archival research and how it affects the writing of history

Trinyan Mariano, Assistant Professor of English, the novel, legal history, and narratives of extra-legal justice

Donna Nudd, Professor of Communication, radical performance, media adaptation, feminism, pedagogy

Andy Opel, Associate Professor of Communication, video and documentary theory and production, environmentalism, and media and consumer culture

Jennifer Proffitt, Associate Professor of Communication, political rhetoric, media production, mass communication

Diana Rice, Associate Professor of Education, curriculum, instruction, and research methods

Ned Stuckey-French, Associate Professor of English, personal essay, magazine culture, and creative non-fiction




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