Meet the Graduate Students

Doctoral Students

Kamila Albert

Education: M.A., B.A. Nova Southeastern University
Teaching: Writing and Editing in Print and Online (ENC 3416) and Research, Genre, and Context (ENC 2135)
Professional Experience: FSU Reading-Writing Center Assistant Director and Johnston Digital Studio Coordinator, NSU Writing Center Graduate Assistant and Writing Fellow
Research Interests: writing center studies, multimodality, and design thinking
Non-academic Interests: coffee, typography, and craft stores

Chloe Allmand

Education: M.A. Western Washington University, B.A. Central Washington University
Teaching: First Year Composition (WWU and CWU), Research, Genre, and Context (FSU)
Professional Experience: Poetry Editor The Bellingham Review, Reporter Walla-Walla Union Bulletin, Staff Writer Ellensburg Daily Record, Publications Writer CWU Publicity Center
Research Interests: Composition pedagogy, writing program administration, grounded theory, gender and sexuality, film
Non-academic Interests: Hiking, yoga, baking (bread + cake), hanging with cats Sophie and Herman and puppy Uma, yelling while playing Mario Kart

David Bedsole

Education: MA Clemson University, BA Huntingdon College
Teaching: First-Year Composition, Advanced Composition, Writing and Editing in Print and Online, Technical and Professional Writing
Professional Experience: Reading Writing Center Assistant Director, Computer Writing Classroom Director, Digital Studio Consultant
Research Interests: Multimodality, assessment, technology, ethics
Non-academic Interests: David plays musical instruments to one degree or another, writes poetry and fiction, cooks passably well, and hangs out with his wife and young daughter. He also has two sketchy dogs.

Joel Bergholtz

Education: BA (Editing, Writing, & Media/Interdisciplinary Humanities) from Florida State, MA (Rhet/Comp) from Ball State.
Teaching: College Composition and Research, Genre, & Context
Professional Experience: Writing Center Tutor, Digital Studio Consultant, RWC Committee, Staff Writer and Editor for The Yeti Magazine (2010-2014), Writing Center Consultant (BSU), Vice President of Graduate Student Advisory Board (BSU), Muncie Young Professionals (2016-2017)
Research Interests: Digital Pedagogies, New Media Studies, Social Media Studies, Public Spaces, Visual Rhetoric
Non-academic interests: Consuming Cultures, Dadding Cats, debating genres, and exploring public spaces

Amanda Brooks

Education: MA Florida State University, BA Stetson University
Teaching: ENG 3021: Rhetoric, ENC 3416: Writing and Editing in Print and Online, ENC 1101: Freshman Composition and Rhetoric, ENC 2135: Research, Genre, and Context, ENC 2135 (Online)
Professional Experience: WPA Assistant, Digital Studio Administrator, College Composition Program Mentor, GESO College Composition Program Liaison, Computer-Writing-Classroom Coordinator, Digital Studio Consultant, and College Composition Committee Member
Research Interests: self-efficacy, online writing instruction, composition pedagogy, and multimodality
Non-academic Interests: crochet, watching Disney movies, manatees, baking, reading fantasy novels, and yoga

Andrew Canino

Education: BA English Education (Drama Minor), MA English (with a certificate in Rhetoric & Composition)
Teaching: Expository Writing (RC 1000), Intro to Writing Across the Curriculum (RC 2001), Research, Genre & Context (ENC 2135).
Professional Experience: High School English Teacher, Writing Center Consultant, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Graduate Instructor.
Research Interests: Digital literacy, multimodality, convergence culture, digital rhetoric, and the rhetoric of video games.
Non-academic interests: Playing video games I never finish, drinking way too much coffee, watching cartoons, the works of H.P. Lovecraft, watching terrible movies, and laughing at unfunny internet memes.

Ellen Cecil-Lemkin

Education: MA Miami University, BA University of Central Florida
Teaching: Writing and Editing for Print and Online, Peer Tutoring in the Reading and Writing Center and the Digital Studio, College Composition, First-year Composition
Professional Experience:Coordinator for the Reading and Writing Center, Rhet Comp Program Assistant, Co-director of the Museum of Everyday Writing, Writing Tutor at FSU Reading Writing Center, Digital Pedagogy Consultant at Miami University, Mentor Consultant at UCF's University Writing Center
Research Interests: Collaboration, disability studies, embodied pedagogy, writing centers
Non-academic Interests: On her off time, Ellen enjoys crafting and playing with her dogs, Maple and Rosie.

Rob Cole

Education: BA Alabama, MFA Northern Michigan
Teaching: Comp (a lot at other places if you want 'em)
Professional Experience: Visiting Professor at Air War College Center for Writing Excellence, Publications Coordinator at Auburn Montgomery, other stuff too
Research Interests: Digital Pedagogies, Digital Composition, Multimodality
Non-academic Interests: He digs his dog Harper, writing, and really awful movies.

Meghan Dykema

Education: MA University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, BA Western Michigan University
Teaching: History of Text Technologies, College Composition
Professional Experience: Digital Studio Consultant
Research Interests: Writing Program Administration, Writing/Writing Program Assessment, feminist and legal rhetorics
Non-academic interests: Ask Meghan about tattoos, terrible reality television of the early 2000s, and her Wookie mercenary character in the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire role-playing game

Brendan Hawkins

Education: MA in Literature and Graduate Certificate in Rhetoric and Composition from Appalachian State University; BA in English from Milligan College
Teaching: Histories of Rhetoric; Research, Genre, and Context (f2f and online); Intro to Writing across the Curriculum; Expository Writing
Professional Experience: Online Writing Coordinator; FSU Chapter Treasurer for Rhetoric Society of America; Writing across the Curriculum Faculty Consultant; University Writing Center Night Coordinator
Research Interests: Genre; Writing Program Administration, including assessment and curricula; WAC-WID writing and teaching
Non-academic Interests: Brendan is particularly good at finding four-leaf clovers. He is an excellent whistler and occasionally babysits two quirky golden retrievers

Michael Healy

Education: BA Creighton University, MA University of Nebraska Omaha
Teaching: Writing and Editing in Print and Online (ENC 3416) and Research, Genre, and Context (ENC 2135)
Professional Experience: Writing Center Tutor, First-Year Writing Committee, College Composition Committee, Digital Studio Tutor, Johnston Studio Coordinator, GESO Executive Board
Research Interests: curation, techne, text-technologies, creativity, digital rhetoric, undergraduate majors in Writing and Rhetoric
Non-academic Interests: running, cooking, exploring cool places, drinking coffee, eating good food, and hanging out with our two Golden Retrievers

Amanda M. May

Education: MA English Language and Literature, Central Michigan University; BA English, Lourdes University
Teaching: ENC 2135 (Research, Genre, and Context), ENC 3416 (Writing and Editing in Print and Online), ENC 3493 (Peer Tutoring), conversational English
Professional experience: Tutor at various institutions; administrative roles in writing centers, including Assistant Director; undergraduate internship mentor; social media moderator
Research Interests: Writing Center Administration, Social Media, Multimodal Composition, Visual Rhetoric
Non-Academic Interests: Stress baking, knitting, some light video gaming, and cuddling with her cat, Athena

Amory Orchard

Education: MA English (Rhetoric & Composition), Ball State University; BA English (Rhetoric & Composition), Ball State University
Teaching: 4-years worth of teaching College Composition online and face-to-face at FSU, Ball State University, and Indiana University; currently teaching ENC 2135 (Research, Genre, and Context)
Professional Experience: writing center administration, writing program workshop facilitator, writing center and digital writing studio tutor; college composition review committee member
Research Interests: writing center studies; writing program administration; multimodal pedagogy; universal design and accessibility
Non-academic Interests: baking; watching PBS Masterpiece Classics; and exploring nature in Florida's many gorgeous state and national forests

Nitya Pandey

Education: BA, Tribhuvan University, Nepal, MA (English), Pokhara University, Nepal, MA (Professional Writing and Editing), West Virginia University, Morgantown
Teaching: Freshman Composition (ENC 101, 102, 2135 On-site and Online)
Professional Experience: Writing center tutor, ESL instructor, editor, translator, newspaper correspondent
Research interests: Multimodality, Visual Rhetoric, Public Rhetoric, Intercultural communication, Transnationalism, Online Pedagogy
Personal interests: Travelling, photography, eating chocolates, and loving dogs (A proud owner of an eight-year-old dog named “Chyantu” which means “the little one” in Nepali).

Amanda Presswood

Education: MA University of Massachusetts (Boston), BA Dean College
Teaching: Peer Tutoring, ENC 1101, ENC 2135, First Year Composition
Professional Experience: Johnson Ground Writing Center Coordinator, Rhetoric and Composition Program Assistant, WPA-GO Chair, WPA-GO Vice Chair, RWC Undergraduate Intern Mentor, Reading and Writing Center Tutor, Digital Studio Tutor
Research Interests: Writing Program Administration, Writing Center Administration, Multilingual Writing
Non-Academic Interests: Yoga, drinking way too much coffee, and snuggling with her furry children

Tricia Rizza

Education: MA, BA Florida State University
Teaching: ENC 0027 (Integrated Reading and Writing) Face-to-Face and Online, ENC 1101 (College Composition) Face-to-Face and Online, ENC 1102 (Argument and Persuasion), ENC 2135 (Research, Genre, and Context), ENC 3416 (Writing and Editing in Print Online), SLS 1510 (College Success) Face-to-Face and Online, SLS 2261 (Philosophies in Leadership) Face-to-Face and Online
Professional Experience: Associate Professor of English at Tallahassee Community College, Co-Administrator for the Museum of Everyday Writing (MoEW) at FSU, Service Learning Coordinator for Academic Affairs at TCC, First-Year Experience Coordinator for Academic Affairs at TCC, Florida Developmental Education Association Board Secretary
Research Interests: Writing Pedagogy, Critical Race Theory, Literacy Studies, ePortfolio, and Visual Rhetoric
Non-Academic Interests: Travel! Travel! Travel!

Kyllikki Rytov

Education: PhD studies, Bowling Green State University; MA in English, Belmont University; BAs in English and in French, Northern Kentucky University
Teaching: ENC 3021 (Rhetoric); ENC 3416 (Writing and Editing in Print and Online); ENG 3803 (History of Text Technologies); and ENC 2135 (Research, Genre, and Context) face to face and online
Professional Experience: Digital Studio consultant; writing center consultant; former College Composition Committee member; past section editor for Computers & Composition
Research Interests: Classical rhetoric; digital technologies; media archeology Interests outside Academia: A creative writer in the odd spare moment, she considers Bulgakov's Master and Margarita a satirical chef d'oeuvre, and her favorite rhetorical device is zeugma. She's allergic to hyperbole but quite enjoys gluten and the aerial sling.

Katelyn Stark

Education: BA, MA, Graduate Certificate in Rhetoric and Composition (Appalachian State University). Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing (FSU)
Teaching: Expository Writing; Intro to Writing Across the Curriculum; Research, Genre, and Context; Business Communications; Writing and Editing in Print and Online
Professional Experience: Commercial fiction and non-fiction editor; WAC Research Assistant; TA mentor; Assistant to FSU's College Composition program; Writing Center and Digital Studio consultant
Research Interests: Transfer knowledge; Writing Program Administration; professional writing
Non-academic Interests: Practices balance in life by traveling often, exercising daily, and reading for her very non-academic book club.

Katie-Marie Stout

Education: M.A. in philosophy (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), B.A. in writing and publication (University of North Georgia)
Professional Experience: marketing and social media manager, copywriting supervisor, photojournalist, writing center tutor, novelist
Research Interests: relationship between philosophy and rhetoric, virtues in the composition classroom, composition pedagogy, classical rhetoric
Non-academic Interests: Running, playing with my dog, and rewatching episodes of The Great British Baking Show

Jessi Thomsen

Education: MA in English and Graduate Certificates in Advanced Writing and Technical Communication, University of Nebraska at Omaha; MEd in Secondary Teaching and BA in Studio Art, Creighton University
Teaching: What Is a Text?, Rhetoric, History of Text Technologies, College Composition, First-Year Composition (UNO), Technical Writing (UNO), and Writing for the Workplace (UNO)
Professional Experience: Production Editor for The Southeast Review, President of RSA Student Chapter, Co-Administrator for the Museum of Everyday Writing, Mentor for the College Composition Program, Rhetoric and Composition Program Assistant, Writing Center Consultant (UNO), and Secondary Education Teacher
Research Interests: New materialist rhetorics, reflective practice, mentoring, feminist rhetorics, and student engagement — Mardi and Janeway, her golden retrievers, supervise all of her research and writing endeavors and occasionally answer her emails
Non-academic Interests: playing beach volleyball, drinking an IPA, or both at the same time

Ashleah Wimberly

Education: B.A. in English for Mississippi State University; M.A. in English from the University of North Dakota
Teaching Experience: Composition I: Writing about Writing; Composition II: Writing for Public Audiences; Literature and Culture: Race in Graphic Novels; Literature and Culture: Gender in Fantasy; ENC 2135: Research, Genres, and Contexts
Professional Experience: Graduate Teaching Assistant; Graduate Library Assistant; Instructor for the American College of Norway; Co-Author for the University of North Dakota Guide to Writing; WPA-Go Mentoring Projects Committee; Library Senate Committee
Research Interests: Writing Transfer, Learner Dispositions, Literacy, Metacognition, Pedagogy, Composition, Rhetoric, and Researched Writing
Personal Interests: Playing video and tabletop games, reading comics and graphic novels, watching anything animated, traveling with friends, consuming too much tea

Masters Students

Amanda Ayers

Education: BA in English Writing and Publication from University of North Georgia
Professional Experience: Supplemental Instructor of grammar and literature, Writing Fellow, and English Department Student Assistant at the University of North Georgia
Research Interests: embodiment, composition pedagogy, digital discourse, multimodality, and religious rhetorics
Personal Interests: cooking (and eating) pasta, listening to true crime podcasts, drinking dry red wine, watching Netflix, and reading memoirs

Alexandra Buter

Education: BA in English and Psychology, Wake Forest University
Professional Experience: Tutor at Wake Forest University Writing Center
Research Interests: Writing Center Pedagogy, ELL Peer Tutoring, Writing Program Administration, Sociolinguistics, Rhetorical Grammar
Personal Interests: hanging (well, napping) with my spoiled dog, face-timing my family, debating on whether or not to work out, cooking everything in my Instant Pot

Dylan Candelora

Education: BA in English with a concentration in writing from Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Professional Experience: Reading-Writing Center Tutor; Digital Studio Consultant; Administrative Editor, Green Eggs and Hamlet (SOSU), 2018-2019
Research Interests: Multiculturalism, Marginalization, Intersectionality, Metacognition
Personal Interests: traveling to different places and learning about cultures, taking walks in nature while listening to favorite music, and relaxing by playing games or watching movies

Gabriela Diaz (Guerrero)

Education: BA in English with a Certificate in Professional and Public Writing from Florida International University
Teaching: Research, Genre, and Context (ENC2135)
Professional Experience: Writing Tutor at FIU's Center for Excellence in Writing; Reading-Writing Center Tutor; Rhetoric and Composition Program Assistant
Research Interests: identity formation, Latinx rhetorics, cultural rhetorics, discourse analysis, public memory, digital humanities, translingualism, writing center studies
Personal Interests: meeting that Goodreads challenge goal, personally making Jennifer’s Body the cult hit it deserves to be, baking/cooking things that are impractical for a total novice to undertake, and walking

Caitlin Hattaway

Education: BA in English with a concentration in Editing, Writing, and Media from Florida State University
Teaching: College Composition (ENC 2135)
Professional Experience: Writing Center Consultant
Research Interests: why people write the way they do and finding ways to help people communicate; multimodal composition; how we teach composition; and writing center studies.
Personal Interests: In her spare time, she loves playing with cats, watching cheesy British television, and drinking excessive amounts of tea.

Shelby Henderson

Education: B.A. in English Literature from Florida State University
Professional Experience: Reading and Writing Center Tutor, editor for the State of Florida Correctional Medical Authority
Research Interests: writing center studies, digital rhetoric, writing program administration, first year composition, composition pedagogy
Personal Interests: Shelby loves cooking and baking on the weekends, golfing with her family, searching for her next favorite wine selection, and re-watching her favorite '90s rom-coms

Katherine Kelly

Education: BA in English with a concentration in writing and rhetoric from Nicholls State University
Professional Experience: Reading and Writing Center tutor, staff writer and editor for The Nicholls Worth Magazine 2015-2018
Research Interests: Classical rhetoric, multimodality, writing across the curriculum, first year composition
Non-Academic Interests: Hanging with my chocolate lab puppy named Blaze, going to the beach, playing soccer

Noah Patterson

Education: BA in English rhetoric & writing from Ball State University, Muncie, IN
Teaching: College Composition (ENC 1101 and ENC 2135)
Professional Experience: Writing Center tutor; Digital Studio consultant; Assistant Production Editor, The Southeast Review, Computer-Writing Classroom Coordinator, GESO, Rhetoric & Composition Liaison
Research Interests: Writing center studies, embodiment, queerness, critical theory, multimodality and digital design, public writing, and social movement rhetorics
Non-academic Interests: reading creative nonfiction and Bon Appetit recipes, perusing thrift stores, listening to Mitski, and liking pictures of plants on Instagram. His appreciation of coffee has earned him distinction as an Honorary Gilmore Girl

Sidney Turner

Education: BS in Political Science and Literature from Florida State University
Teaching: College Composition (ENC1101 and ENC2135)
Professional Experience: Reading Writing Center Tutor, FSU SAAS Tutor, Digital Studio Consultant, Member of FSU’s College Composition Committee, WPA-GO Graduate Committee
Research Interests: Visual Rhetoric, Embodiment, Archival Studies, Writing Program Administration
Non-academic Interests: traveling, painting and kickboxing