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Conference Participation - 2019

Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)

Tarez Samra Graban. "Proceeding with Caution: Avoiding 'Neo-colonialism' in Rhetorical Reconstructions of the Transnational Archive." Keynote speaker for Feminist Caucus Workshop. March 13, Pittsburgh, PA.
Individual participation (part of session “Writing in Third Spaces and Online”): “Emergent Ethics: A Multiliteracy Framework for Making Whole” (Joel Bergholtz)
Imag(in)ing Selves: Visuals as Identity Performance in First-Year Composition ( Amanda May)
Whiteness Response (Ability): Rhetorical Performances of White Citizenship, Racial, and Feminist Identities ( Katelyn, Rob, and Mandy Moderated By Dr. Lathan)
From Stereoscopes to VR Classrooms: Racial (In)Visibility in Three Dimensions (Dr. Fleckenstein)
From Traditional to Performative: A Boomer, Gen-Xer and Millennial Reflect on Three Decades of Composition Practices ( Amanda Presswood)
DPP Presentation “Emergent Ethics Online: A Multiliteracy Framework Making Whole” (Joel Bergholtz)
Spotlight Session: "With Unapologetic Pride: A Performance of Disruptive Narrations of Marginalized Graduate Students in the Academy" ( Liana)
Performing Assessment, Performing Composition: Defining Writing for Institutional Assessment and Accreditation(Megan Dykema and Dr. Neal)
Professional Development as Performance in Writing Program Administration ( Amy)
Alternate Figures...Hidden Facts: Literacy, Liberation and Healing Among Back Women's Intellectual Activism (Dr. Lathan)
From Cosplay to Slam Poetry, the Show Must Go On (Andrew)
A Renewed Critical Pedagogy: Rethinking Activism Within Writing Studies & Higher Education ( Netty)
"Performing Ephemera in Print: Sites of Writing and the Composing They Host." CCCC, Pittsburgh, 2019.

Association for American Colleges and Universities

“What Students Tell and Show Us about ePortfolio Literacy.” Association for American Colleges and Universities. Atlanta: January 2019. (Kathleen Blake Yancey)
“How ePortfolios Foster Identities.” Association for American Colleges and Universities. Atlanta: January 2019. (Kathleen Blake Yancey)
"The Role of Curriculum in ePortfolios." Association for American Colleges and Universities. Atlanta: January 2019 (Kathleen Blake Yancey)

Cavalier Writing Conference

"Voice, Writing, Identity, and Community: Thinking Together about Voice as Concept and Practice." Keynote for the Cavalier Writing Conference, Kansas City, 2019. (Kathleen Blake Yancey)

Conference Participation - 2018

Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)

Ellen Cecil-Lemkin "Restrictions on Language for a Disabled Graduate Student"
Amanda Brooks "The Digital Studio: Support for Composition as Design"
Amanda Presswood “Overcoming Epistemological Barriers to Linguistic Equality Within the Writing Center”
Kathleen Blake Yancey “Transfer and the Internship Experience: Tracing Changes in Students’ Writing Knowledge and Practice.” CCCC Summer Conference, Denver: July 2018.
Kathleen Blake Yancey CCCC Exemplar Address: “Believing in the Cause: Composing's Past, Present, and Future.” CCCC, Kansas City: March 2018.
Deborah Coxwell- Teague "Undervalued Labor and Absent Voices: The Vital But Often Missing Role of Graduate Students in Curricular Reform"
Tarez Graban “Questioning the Nature of ‘Reading’ and ‘Text’ for Cross-Cultural Analytics in Rhetoric and Composition.” 69th Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication, Kansas City, MO, March 2018.
Tarez Graban “Primary Concerns and Issues in Archival Research: Preparing for the Long(er) Durée,” invited presenter at pre-Conference Workshop, 69th Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication, Kansas City, MO, March 2018.


Ellen Cecil-Lemkin "Have Dog, Will Tutor: An Autoethnographical Account of Tutoring with a Service Animal"


Ellen Cecil-Lemkin “Writing Together: Students’ Perceptions on Collaboration”


Amanda Presswood WPA-GO Anti-Racist Assessment Workshop

Rhetoric Society of America

Tarez Graban “Archival Encounters Between ‘The West’ and ‘The Rest.’” 18th Biennial Congress of the Rhetoric Society of America, Minneapolis, MN, May 2018.
Kyllikki Rytov “Inviting the Future: Invention in the Moment of Trump.” Rhetoric Society of America, May 2018, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

South Atlantic Modern Language Association(SAMLA)

Kyllikki Rytov “Motherhood and Intersectional Feminism: Becoming Activist without Co-opting the Movement.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association, November 2018, Birmingham, Georgia.
Deborah Coxwell- Teague "The Ongoing Challenges (and Rewards) of Curricular Reform in 21st Century College Composition Programs”


Kathleen Blake Yancey “Designing an ePortfolio Curriculum: Possible Models, Possible Opportunities” (with Helen Chen, Jennifer Stonaker, and Susan Kahn). AAEEBL, Vancouver, CANADA: July 2018.

International Writing across the Curriculum Conference

Kathleen Blake Yancey “Learning from Interns about the Value of TFT.” International Writing across the Curriculum Conference. Auburn University: June 2018.

Association for American Colleges and Universities

Kathleen Blake Yancey "Electronic Portfolios: The Power of Offering a Unique Site for Integrative Learning." Association for American Colleges and Universities. Washington, DC: Jan 24-27, 2018.
Kathleen Blake Yancey "Defining the ePortfolio Course: Outcomes, Benefits, Curriculum, and Assessment." Association for American Colleges and Universities. Washington, DC: Jan 24-27, 2018.

Florida College English Association (FCEA)

Deborah Coxwell- Teague "The State of the Profession: Looking Forward, Looking Backward"

African Association for Rhetoric

Tarez Graban “Proceeding with Caution: Avoiding ‘Data Neo-colonialism’ in Rhetorical Reconstructions of the Transnational Archive.” 2018 Congress of the African Association for Rhetoric, Durban, South Africa, August 8-10, 2018.

Conference Participation - 2017

Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)

Amanda Brooks "(Un)Sure Writers: Self-Efficacy Fluctuations and the Writing Process"
Ellen Cecil-Lemkin “Cultivating Collaboration and Distributing Power in Writing Program Administration”
Amy Cicchino “Recultivating Composition in a Sophomore-Level Classroom: Assemblage, Circulation, and ePortfolios”
Amy Cicchino “Negotiating Middle Grounds: Helping Students Confront Hybrid Genres” Digital Poster
Joe Cirio “Cultivating a Space for Everyday Writing”
Jenn Enoch “‘Do Not Forget His Name’: Strategies of Deference and Assertion in Women’s Everyday Writing”
Michael Healy “Ludic Revision: Potential, Play, and Choice”
Deborah Coxwell Teague “The Future of College Writing and How to Stop It”
Tarez Samra Graban "Intellectual Encounters" as Digital Epistemology, part of panel entitled “Interrogating History in the Interspaces: Rhetoric, Composition, and Metadata Tools”
Jessi Thomsen “Immersion in Writing: Emergence in Meaning”


Amy Cicchino “Graduating Theory to Praxis: Working to Understand How GTAs Transfer and Transform Knowledge and Practice as New Professionals”
Deborah Coxwell Teague “Disappearing Composition Programs and What We Can Do to Save Them”

Computers and Writing

Ellen Cecil-Lemkin “Graduate Students Digitally Collaborating”
Joe Cirio “Writing into the Social Imaginary: The Protester in Two Scenes”
Joe Cirio “Caring for the Future: Initiatives for Further Inclusion in Computers and Writing” With Angela Haas, Kristen Arola, Cheryl Ball, Laura Gonzales, Janine Butler, Joy Robinson, and Victor Del Hierro
Anna Worm “A New Window: Transparent Immediacy and the Online Writing Center”

Feminisms and Rhetorics

Kyllikki Rytov “An Ethic of Rhetorical Touch: Pedagogical Strategies for Embodied Teaching.” Feminisms and Rhetorics, October 2017, Dayton, Ohio.
Ellen Cecil-Lemkin "Invoking the Body: Touch and Making Meaning."
Jenn Enoch "'I Am His Hart Broken Mother': Rhetorical Strategies of Deference and Assertion in Women's Letter Writing."
Tarez Samra Graban "Rhetorics, Rights, Revolution" (plenary speaker)
Tarez Samra Graban "Learning Together: Gathering Resources and Building Critical Mass for Feminist Community Writing"
Michael Healy “Show Me a Story: New Materialism, Narrative, and Spectacular Rhetorics
Katelyn Stark “Which End of the Telescope?: An Invitation for Re/Dis/Identification
Jessi Thomsen “Simple as One, Two, Discursive-Third: Finding a Conversational Space


Ellen Cecil-Lemkin “Decoding [Academic] Systems: Writing Centers as Mentorship Sites"
Anna Worm “Queer Failure in the Writing Center”

CCCC Regional Conference, Clermont College

Kathleen Blake Yancey “Diverse Writers, Diverse Texts: Mapping—and Incorporating-- Diversity in College Composition Courses”
Kathleen Blake Yancey. “crossing over: Helping Students Move from Academic Writing to Professional Writing”

International Society for the History of Rhetoric

Tarez Samra Graban "The Problem of Ubuntu and Memory in Transnational Feminist Historiography for and about African Women"

Conference on Community Writing

Tarez Samra Graban "Exploring, Curating, and Creating: Using Digital Rhetorical Tools for Archival Work" (workshop with Courtney Rivard and Michael Neal)


Kristie S. Fleckenstein “Entertaining Travel: Touring through the Popular Media at the Fin de Siecle.”
Deborah Coxwell Teague “‘The Times They Are a Changin’: The Challenges and Rewards of Coping with Our New Reality”
Michael Healy “The Efficacy of Play As an Organizational and Pedagogical Theory”

SACS Summer Institute

Kathleen Blake Yancey “Electronic Portfolios: Definitions, Models, and Promising Practices”

IUPUI Assessment Institute

Kathleen Blake Yancey “ePortfolios, Assessment, and Curriculum: Putting Our Assessment Criteria and Our ePortfolio Curriculum in Dialogue”


Kathleen Blake Yancey “Learning from the Museum of Everyday Writing”

Florida College English Association

Deborah Coxwell Teague “’Made Not Only in Words’: Reconsidering What It Means to Be Part of an English Department”

Pedagogy, Practice, and Philosophy Conference

Katelyn Stark “Emphasis on Design: A Visually Rhetorical Approach to FYC”

Survive and Thrive Online Summit

Ellen Cecil-Lemkin “Madness in Academia: Stories and Sense-making from Neurodiverse Perspectives”


Kathleen Blake Yancey "The Teaching for Transfer Writing Curriculum: Supporting Student Success through Key Terms and Reflective Practice"

South Atlantic Modern Language Association

Kyllikki Rytov “Enacting Embodied Rhetoric.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association, November 2017, Atlanta, Georgia.

Conference Participation - 2016

Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)

Logan Bearden "A Model for Multimodal Curricular Transformation"
Bruce Bowles "Taken Out of Context?: Examining the Influence of Context on Teachers' Written Responses to Student Writing"
Amanda Brooks "The Effect of Prior Genre Knowledge on Students' Self-Efficacy"
Andrew Burgess "What's That Sound?: Toward a Multimodal Understanding of Music as Mode-In-Relation"
Martha McKay Canter "Rhetoric on a Slant: A Strategy for Women as Marginalized Rhetors"
Joe Cirio "The Affect of Assessment, Cueing Accountability through the Flows of Communities and Disciplines"
Jacob Craig "What Gives Shape to Writing Practices: Investigating How Composing Environments and Writing Technologies Shape Writers' Practices over Time"
Jason Custer "More Modalities, More Problems: Establishing a Framework and Assessment Practices for Multimodal Composition Support Structures"
Meghan Dykema "Accountability, Assessment, Advocacy: Writing-Focused QEPs as Strategies for Action"
Kristie Fleckenstein "Synaesthetic Persuasion: Multimodal Activism as a Rhetoric of the Senses"
Tarez Graban "Teaching 'Ubuntu': Arguing for and about the Performances of African Women without the Native/Foreigner Distinction"
Tarez Graban Workshop "Archives as Sites for Community Collaboration, Classroom Explorations, and Activism"
Heather Lang "Engaging Disability in the Writing Center"
Rhea Lathan and Brittney Boykins "History, Theory, Pedagogy, Action: Critical Approaches to African American Rhetorical Call and Response"
Jeanette Lehn "A Praxis for Critical Pedagogy"
Aimee Jones "Writing (Center) Strategies for Action for Underrepresented Populations"
Travis Maynard "Copy, Combine, Transform: Assemblage in First-Year Composition"
Stephen McElroy "Greeting from Asbury Park"
Michael Neal "Undergraduate Inquiry: Archival Research as an Alternative to the Ubiquitous Research Paper"
Michael Neal "Challenges of Large-scale Writing Assessment: Portfolios, Through-Course Assessments, and Other Emerging Innovations"
Michael Neal Workshop "Undergraduate Students as Researchers: Maximizing the Mutual Benefits"
Jeff Naftzinger "Composing Infrastructure: Programmatic Values and Their Effect on Digital Composition"
Ashley Rea "Digital Contemplative Composition: A Feminist Approach to Inquiry"
Kyllikki Rytov "Ethos Enacted: Communal Credibility"
Deborah Coxwell Teague "Active Support for Radical Pedagogies"
Erin Workman "The Transfer of Transfer Project: Researching the Efficacy of Teaching for Transfer (TFT) in Four Courses and on Four Campuses"
Anna Worm "How We Feel about OWLS"
Kathleen Yancey "Requiring All the Available Resources: Designing the Visual into First-year Composition (FYC) Curricula and Programs"
Kathleen Yancey "The Other Half of Literacy: Creating the National Day on Writing in the Context of Policy-making"
Kathleen Yancey Discussion Leader "Composition, Rhetoric, and Disciplinarity: Coming to Terms with Our Past and Taking Action for the Future"
Kathleen Yancey Chair and Respondent "The Transfer of Transfer Project: Researching the Efficacy of Teaching for Transfer (TFT) in Four Courses and on Four Campuses"
Kathleen Yancey Respondent "Using the Assessment Story Project to Advocate for Students and Teachers"
Kathleen Yancey Respondent "Assembling Composition"

Rhetoric Society of America

Kristie S. Fleckenstein. "Looking into Violence: Changing the Vision-Violence Dialectic." Biennial Conference of the Rhetoric Society of America. Atlanta, GA. May, 2016. Joe Cirio "Finding a Place for Affect Within (& Beyond) Institutionally-defined Assessment"
Julianna Edmonds "#AskHerMore: Consciousness-raising in the Digital Age"
Tarez Graban "Teaching the 'Cross-Cultural' at the Convergence of History, Temporality, and Locality: Locating New Pedagogical Traditions in Changed Theoretical Spaces"
Tarez Graban "How to Do (Rhetorical) Things with Networks"
Heather Lang Roundtable "Rhetoric as Change, Rhetoric as Circulation"
Rhea Lathan "Crucibles of Difference: Glocal Civil Rights Literacies"
Travis Maynard "Grappling With Remediation: Media Convergence and Vertical Movement in Rhetorical Ecologies"
Erin Workman "Emma Willard's 'Temple of Time': (Re)Constructing Early American Collective Memory"
Anna Worm "Changing the Screen on Diversity Discourse: Shonda Rhimes, Kenneth Burke, and the Language of Difference"
Kathleen Yancey Roundtable Leader "Rhetoric as Change, Rhetoric as Circulation"

Southeastern Writing Center Association

Stephen McElroy, Joe Cirio, and Jason Custer Workshop "Multiple Literacies, Multiple Contexts: A Workshop on Integrating Multiliteracies Into Peer Tutor Training"

Computers and Writing

Christina Giarusso "What it Means to Compose for the Web: The Lessons of Curating Three Exhibits for the Museum of Everyday Writing"
Kyllikki Rytov "Vintage Postcards: Curating Social Bonds"
Joe Cirio "Dream Dwelling: Augmenting our Memories of Place through Mobile Technology"
Ellen Cecil-Lemkin "Writing Communities Across Boundaries: Student Experiences with Digital Collaboration"
Joe Cirio "Dream Dwellings: Augmenting Our Memories of Place Through Mobile Technology"
Megan Keaton, Jennifer Enoch, and Amy Cicchino Panel: "Blurring Boundaries with/in Online Archives: The Case of the Museum of Everyday Writing"
Stephen McElroy "Ways of Knowing and Doing in Digital Rhetoric," with Matt Davis and Rory Lee
Kathleen Yancey, Ashley Rhea, and Kyllikki Rytov Panel: "What It Means to Compose for the Web: The Lessons of Curating Three Exhibits for the Museum of Everyday Writing"


Katelyn Stark "Vertical and Horizontal Connections: A WAC Program Across Contexts"
Rachel Efstathion "Failing to Move: Using ePortfolios to Bring Students from Failure to Meaning-Making Moments"
Kathleen Blake Yancey "Considering the Role of Mobility in Composition: Moving from Travel Metaphors of Composition to Traveling Text(ualilty)" (featured speaker)
Amy Cicchino “Moving across Modes & Media: Bringing Composition to Life with Hybrid Genres”

Cultural Rhetoric

Julianna Edmonds "Re-framing Ethos within Culturally Relevant Pedagogy"
Amanda Brooks "Self-Efficacy and the 'Absent Presence' of Race"

International Writing across the Curriculum Conference

Erin Workman "The Role of Difference in Studies of Transfer of Writing Knowledge and Practice: What We Have Learned from a Four-Campus Study"
Kathleen Yancey "Transfer of Writing Knowledge and Practice and Kinds of Difference: Difference as a Support for Transfer, Difference as a Feature across Campuses"


Deborah Coxwell Teague "Revitalizing and Reinventing a Composition Program"
Julianna Edmonds "Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in the Composition Classroom: A Framework for Inclusion and Curricular Design"
Rachel Efstathion, Amy Cicchino, and Erin Workman "Training in Transition: Responses to Institutional Curricular Changes"
Erin Workman "Training in Transition: Responses to Institutional Curricular Changes"
Erin Workman "The Transfer of Transfer Project: A Multi-Institutional, Multi-Perspective view on Teaching for Transfer"
Kathleen Blake Yancey and Erin Workman "The Transfer of Transfer Project: A Multi-Institutional, Multi-Perspective View of Teaching for Transfer"


WPA Institute

Kathleen Yancey and Erin Workman "Designing Writing Courses for Transfer of Writing Knowledge and Practice"

Writing Across Institutions Conference

Katelyn Stark "Graffiti as Invention"

Student Success in Writing Conference

Student Success in Writing Conference Katelyn Stark "From Theory into the Classroom: Practical Applications from WAC"


Tarez Samra Graban "Creating a Learning Space for Cross-Cultural Critique in Rhetoric and Composition"
Megan Keaton "Using Remediation to Teach Rhetorical and Technological Competencies: A Perspective from Undergraduate Composition Students and Their Instructor"
Kathleen Blake Yancey "Mapping What We Have Learned from Studying Transfer of Writing Knowledge and Practice"
Kathleen Blake Yancey "Reflection: What We Know Now"
Deborah Coxwell Teague "Shrinking Enrollments in College Composition and Literature Courses: Causes of and Possible Solutions to Challenges Facing 21st Century English Departments"


Erin Workman "What They Really Value: Students' Disciplinary & Self-Sponsored Writing"
Kathleen Blake Yancey "Defining a New Role for our Digital Studio in Sponsoring Composers: An Explanation of and an Inquiry into our Digital Studio's New Composing Curriculum"

African Association for Rhetoric

Tarez Samra Graban "Writing Transnational Rhetorical Histories of How Women (Can) Govern"


Kathleen Blake Yancey "What ePortfolios Have to Teach (all of) Us: Curricula, Curation, and Cataloging" (keynote)


Kathleen Blake Yancey "The Assessment Story Project: A Roundtable for Advocacy"

International Writing Center Conference

Joe Cirio “Hello from the Other Side: Integrating Reading in Writing Centers.” Workshop session with Heather Lang and Aimee Jones

Florida College English Association

Deborah Coxwell Teague “English Departments in Danger”

Conference Participation - 2015

Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCCs)

Logan Bearden "Making and Doing: Multimodal Reading and Digital Composition"
Bruce Bowles "Moneyball Writing Assessment"
Martha Canter, David Bedsole, and undergraduate students Rebekah Whittington and Michael Neumann "Networking Pedagogy: Digital Collaboration and the New WPA Outcomes"
Joe Cirio "The Promise of Negotiation: Situating Negotiated Rubrics Beyond Well-Intentioned Pedagogy"
Jacob Craig "Are Texts That Display Differently Different Texts? The Role of the Device—Cell, Kindle, Tablet, Laptop, Paper—in the Making of Meaning"
Jason Custer "Assessment Nerfed and Buffed: Reconsidering Assessment Practices for GameBased Pedagogies"
Julianna Edmonds "A Dialogue of Rhetorical Interruption and Listening: Negotiating Student Ethos Construction in First-Year Composition"
Kristie Fleckenstein Roundtable "Risks and Rewards in Writing Majors"
Tarez Samra Graban CCCC Workshop, "Linking Archives and Digital Humanities: identifying Questions, Defining Terms, Exploring and Creating Digital Archives"
Aimee Jones "Lessons from International Students: Rethinking Tutoring Practices for Multilingual Writers"
Heather Lang and Jeff Naftzinger "Life on the Margins: A Case Study of Digital Marginalia in Kathleen Fitzpatrick's Planned Obsolescence"
Rhea Lathan Chair "Sense and Scentsability: Exploring the relationship among sensory rhetoric, mindfulness, and pedagogy"
Netty Lehn "The Visual Rhetoric of Instagram"
Travis Maynard "The Paradigm That Always Was: Scientific Discourse in Young-Earth Creationist Textbooks"
Stephen McElroy and Travis Maynard "Copy, Combine, Transform: Assemblage in the First Year Composition Classroom"
Kendra Mitchell "Writing Intersections and Interventions: African American Multilingual Learners in the HBU Writing Center"
Michael Neal "Risking Digital Writing and Research: Blending the Familiar with the Unfamiliar in Digital Scholarship and Teaching"
Michael Neal CCCC Workshop "Linking Archives and Digital Humanities: identifying Questions, Defining Terms, Exploring and Creating Digital Archives"
Erin Workman "Teaching for Transfer: Using Visual Mapping Exercises to Scaffold Prior and New Knowledge Integration"
Kathleen Yancey CCCC Workshop, "The Risks and Rewards of Assessment: A Workshop for WPA's and Writing Instructors"
Kathleen Yancey "Three Ways of Starting and Sustaining Conversations about (Teaching) Writing: The Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing, the WPA Outcomes Statement, and Threshold Concepts"
Kathleen Yancey "Are Texts That Display Differently Different Texts? The Role of the Device—Cell, Kindle, Tablet, Laptop, Paper—in the Making of Meaning"
Kathleen Yancey CCCC Dialogue, "On Success in Postsecondary Writing"
Kathleen Yancey "Postcards from the CCCC: A Workshop for Your Writing"
Kathleen Yancey Respondent, "New Ways of Looking Back as We Look Forward: Innovative Perspectives on Writing Assessment's History and Future"
Kathleen Yancey Roundtable, "Risks and Rewards in Writing Majors"

Computers and Writing

Joe Cirio "To Place a Writing Program (Where the Wild Things Are)"
Jennifer Enoch "Inhabiting Dissonance: Web-Based Media as Genre and Technology"
Jason Custer "Join the Nintendo Fun Club Today, Mac! Historically Situating the Reciprocity Between Documentation and Player Roles"
Megan Keaton "Filling in the Gap: Exploring How Scholars Define 'Self-Taught'"

Council of Writing Program Administration

Erin Workman "Sustaining Research in Transfer: A Multi-Institutional, 2nd Iteration Transfer Project"
Logan Bearden "The Role of Outcomes Statements in 'Excellent' Composition Programs"
Tarez Samra Graban "The Limits of the Dialogic in 'Speaking Across the Aisle.'" Part of panel entitled "Sustaining an Administrative Ethic of Flourishing"
Deborah Coxwell-Teague "First-Year Composition on the Verge of Extinction: One Program's Response"

Digital Rhetoric Symposium

Kathleen Yancey "From Subscription to Circulation: The Lessons of Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms for Rhetorical Delivery"


European Eportfolio Residential Seminar
Kathleen Yancey "The Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research Design Process: A Materialist Approach"

Feminisms and Rhetorics

Erin Workman "Emma Willard's 'Temple of Time': Constructing Collective Memory through Textbook Illustrations"
Amanda Brooks "Striking a Pose:" Strategic Juxtaposition as a Tool for Visual Argument"
Kathleen Yancey "Eulogy for a Lost Object"
Jennifer Enoch "'Do Not Forget His Name': Making and Re-Making the Self in Everyday Writing"
Molly Daniel "The/a/our Body in Motion: Dancing Composition Digitally"
Julianna Edmonds "Do Clothes Make the Woman? : (De)Stabilizing Ethos in the Visual Identities of Hillary Rodham Clinton"
Tarez Samara Graban "Retiring the 'Iron Lady' Trope: A New Rhetorical Perspective on Transnational Belonging"

International Writing Centers Association Conference

Aimee Jones " (R)Evolving the Narrative: Revisiting Key Terms through Consultation with Underrepresented Writers"
Bruce Bowles " Working with Graduate Students: Different Clients, Different Practice?"
Heather Lang "Engaging Disability the Writing Center"


Kathleen Yancey "The Assessment Story Project: What We Learn from Teachers about the Role of Assessment in Supporting Students," with the NCTE Assessment Task Force


Popular Culture/American Culture National Conference
Heather Lang "Fatness and Freakery: The Visual Rhetorical Construction of 'Obesity'"

RNF Presenters: Molly Daniel, Jenn Enoch, Megan Keaton


Erin Workman "Supporting Students' Transfer of Writing Knowledge and Practice through Visual Mapping"
Megan Keaton " Remediation as Concept and Technique: Helping Students Learn to Approach Unfamiliar Genres"
Kathleen Yancey "Assemblage as Compositional Theory and Practice"
Deborah Teague "From 'First-Year Composition' to 'College Composition': A University Program Reinvents Itself"

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Commons Conference

Michael Neal "Re-examining the interrelationship of mentorship, undergraduate research and identity development," with B. Wuetherick, A. Hunt, R. Palmer, and C. Scholz

Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Michael Neal "Understanding the role of undergraduate research mentorship in influencing student identity development," with B. Wuetherick, A. Hunt, R. Palmer, and C. Scholz

Southeast Regional AAEEBL Conference

Kathleen Yancey Keynote: "Anchoring ePortfolios: A Preliminary Taxonomy of ePortfolio Anchors and Their Effects."

Invited Lectures and Presentations

Kristie Fleckenstein "Bodies, Photography, and the Rhetoric of Nineteenth-Century Racial Identity" Texas A & M University

Florida College English Association

Deborah Teague "This Isn't Your Grandfather's Composition Course"

Conference on Community Writing

Ellen Cecil-Lemkin "Building Collaborative Communities: Empowering Students through Community-Engaged Writing"

Conference Participation - 2014


Kathleen Yancey "New Research on the Transfer of Writing Knowledge and Practice and Its Implications for High-Impact Writing-Intensive Courses Across the University," with Liane Robertson, Kara Taczak, Jessie Moore, and Carole Hayes
Kathleen Yancey "A New Research Model for Defining the Distinctive Features of E-Portfolios: The Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research Design Process," with Barbara Cambridge and Darren Cambridge

African Association for Rhetoric

Tarez Samra Graban "Renewing a Sense of Ubuntu: Critical Irony and Disruption in Johnson-Sirleaf's Political Discourse"

American Reading Forum

David Bedsole "'Time has Proved a Lot of Things': Songcraft, Social Need, and Multimodal Literacies"


Martha Canter "Tea Time: Eighteenth-Century English Women’s Economic Agency and the Rhetorics of Home Display"

Association of American Colleges and Universities

Kathleen Yancey "The Non-Negotiable Dimensions of Electronic Portfolios: The Role of Interaction of Artifacts and the Contribution of Reflection in ePortfolio Learning and Assessment." Washington DC (with Darren Cambridge)

College Language Association

Rhea Lathan "Creolizing the Academic Space: Confessions of the Black Academic"

Computers and Writing

Tarez Samra Graban "The Boutique is Open: rhetoric.io and Linked Data"
Stephen McElroy "Assembling Postcards, Postcards Assembling"
Kathleen Yancey "Assembling Tombstones: Historical Practices, Mobile Markers, and Virtual Complements"
    Computers and Writing, June 2014. Reviewed [here]

Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCCs)

David Bedsole, Bruce Bowles, Joe Cirio, and Michael Neal "The Ethics of Assessing Multimodal Student Composition"
Jacob Craig "Hack as Epistemology: Encoding the Work of Composition as a Creative Enterprise"
Jason Custer "Free Play: Shifting to Sustainable Practices for Videogames in Composition Pedagogy"
Molly Daniel "The Body and New Media: The Dancing Body as Media"
Tarez Samra Graban "Access and the Digital Exhibit: Revelations, Alterations, Surprises, and Critiques"
Tarez Samra Graban CCCC Workshop: "Teaching Archival Research"
Leigh Graziano "Video Killed the Radio Star: Toward a Multimodal Model of Rhetorical Theory"
Heather Lang "We are Anonymous: Engaging Hacktivism in Composition"
Rhea Lathan "The Ties that Bind: Embroidered Protest, Substance Abuse and Unending Burkean Conversations about Alcohol"
​Rhea Lathan "The Shame Tree Dead"
Rory Lee "New Modes: How Writing Majors Implement Multimodal Curricula"
Christine Martorana "Transform, lasso, layer, and crop: Inviting visually creative academic work from our students"
Stephen McElroy "Seeing Postcard Design, Thinking Digital Design"
Josh Mehler "On the Move: Mobility, Multimodal Design, and the Guerrilla Television Movement"
Jennifer O'Malley "Materiality, Production, and Delivery: Exploring the Circulation of Student Texts in First-Year Composition"
Jennifer Wells: "Hidden in Plain Sight: What the WOA Census Reveals about Writing Centers and Writing Center Directors"
Kathleen Blake Yancey "Threshold Concepts in Graduate Education"
Kathleen Blake Yancey "The Influence of Design: Writing Coming into View"
Bret Zawilski "Hacking Materiality: Open-Source Software and Breaking Limitations"

International Writing Across the Curriculum

Kathleen Yancey "The Complexity of Writing across the Curriculum. OR: Given Students' Prior 'Knowledge,' How Do We Help Students Navigate Campus Sites of Writing?"
Kathleen Yancey "Reflection: Promoting and Assessing Deep Learning for Students and Faculty" (a workshop with Margaret Marshall and Bonnie Sanderson)
Kathleen Yancey, Plenary: "Sustaining Change: WAC Experts Think Out Loud" (with Chris Anson et al.)


Molly Daniel "Expanding Beyond the Tutor/Tutee Dichotomy: Collaboration and the Digital Studio"
Aimee Jones "The Role of Motivation in International Multilingual Students' Engagement with Writing at the University Writing Center"
Kendra Mitchell "Breaking the Spell of Monolingualism: A Case Study of Multilingualism in a Historically Black University Writing Center"


Deborah Coxwell-Teague "First-Year Composition: From Theory to Practice"
Michael Neal "Bridging a False Dichotomy between Fiction and Nonfiction Texts in AP English Language and Composition"

Quinnipiac University's WAC Conference

Kathleen Blake Yancey "Concepts and Practices in Flux: Critical Thinking and Writing Across the Disciplinary Cultures of the Academy"

RNF Presenters: Katie Bridgman, Aimee Jones, Travis Maynard, Kendra Mitchell, Erin Workman

Rhetoric Society of America (RSA)

Joe Cirio "Impromptu Leadership and Rhetorical Listening: Ruminating, Negotiating, Witnessing"
Julianna Edmonds "Mary Daly's Radical Interruption Critiqued"
Kristie Fleckenstein "On the Border between Emancipation and Rectitude: The "New Colored Woman" in Her Words and His Images"
Tarez Samra Graban "Teaching A-modern Rhetorical Histories in Print and Digital Spaces"
Leigh Graziano "Revising the Borders: Liminal Spaces in Memorial Places"
Heather Lang "Reclaiming Pathos for the Disabled Rhetor: Authenticity, Empathy, and Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's Disease Activism"
Christine Martorona "Life/Death: The border we all have to face(book)"
Elizabeth Powers "Ethotic Boundary Blurring: A Case Study"


Joe Cirio "The Invisible Checklist: Sustaining Reflective Practice for Student-Negotiated Rubrics and (Ideally) Beyond"
Jacob Craig "Layout, Meaning, and Genre: Visual Rhetoric in a Mobile Ecology"
Heather Lang "Integrating Person-First and Identity-First Language in the Service Learning Classroom"
Erin Workman "Experiences Influencing Writing: Mapping FYC Students' Use of Prior Knowledge"

Writing Program Administrators

Kathleen Yancey "The Revised WPA Outcomes" (with Darsie Bowden and Dylan Dryer)
Christine Martorana "Agency and Materiality: Being Mindful of the Composition Instructor"


Association of the Study of African American Life and History

Rhea Lathan "Crashing the Old Boys Club: Interrogating Power and Representation in ABC's Scandal"

International Society for the History of Rhetoric

Logan Bearden "Orthopraxis: Embodiment and the Old English Hexateuch."
Kristie Fleckenstein "Domesticating the Cowboy, Feminizing the White Male: The Visual Rhetoric of Anti-Suffrage Postcards"


Jennifer O'Malley "The Digital Underlife: Twitter as a Productive Distraction in the First-Year Composition Classroom"
Michael Neal "What Texts Say and What They Do: Teaching Strategies for Rhetorical Analysis"
Kathleen Yancey "The New Work of Composing." Featured session (with Matt Davis and Jen O'Malley).


David Bedsole, and Bruce Bowles "Inventing Whom? Templates, Prescripts, and Agency"
Deborah Coxwell-Teague "The Changing Faces of First-Year Composition"
Jacob Craig "Relocating Creativity in Composition: Templates, Design Patterns, and Assemblages"
Julianna Edmonds "The Communion of Body and Soul in the Writings of St. Catherine of Siena."
Kristie Fleckenstein "A Heady Life?: Negotiating Killer Dichotimies"
Martha Mckay Canter, David Bedsole, Bruce Bowles, Jacob Craig, Christine Martorana, Kendra Mitchell, "Inventing the Discipline: Interviews with Scholars in Rhetoric and Composition"
Kathleen Blake Yancey "The Paper: Academic Publications, Journal Article Writing and Publications"
Kathleen Blake Yancey "2013 SAMLA President's Address"

Feminisms and Rhetorics

Katie Bridgman "Effacing the Body: HarrassMap and the Visualization of Narrative"
Martha Mckay Canter
Tarez Samra Graban "Thinking Beyond Blace-Based Ecologies: McCutcheon's 'Publics,' Then and Now"
Heather Lang "Reclaiming the 'Headless Fatty': Multimodality and Embodied Activism in Online Spaces"

Florida College English

Deborah Teague "Oh, to Be a Fiesty, Fearless Girl: Coming to Terms with My Past"

International Society for the History of Rhetoric

Logan Bearden
Katie Bridgman "Kairotic Performance as Embodied: A Reconsideration of Kairos in the Digital Age of Pinterest"
Kristie Fleckenstein
Tarez Samra Graban "Performing Feminist Historiography through Metadata"


Katherine Bridgman "Composing through the Interface: A New Framework for Incorporating Social Media into the Writing Classroom"
Deborah Coxwell-Teague "The Abnormal Challenges of Being a WPA"
Molly Daniel "Tweet, Tweet: Social Media in the FYC Classroom"
Heather Lang, Kendra Mitchell, and Elizabeth Powers "What Should We Call Me? Re-Naming and Re-Framing Work in the Writing Center"
Jennifer O'Malley "The Digital Underlife: Twitter as a Productive Distraction in the First-Year Composition Classroom"
Jennifer Wells "The WPA Census: Creating a Data-Guide WPA Practice"

Conference on College Composition and Communication

David Bedsole "Lolcats and Writing: Teaching Rhetorical Circulation through Internet Memes."
Jacob Craig "A Method for Doing Content-Rich Composition in the Twenty-First Century: A Preliminary Study"
Jason Custer "Play and Praxis: Engaging 21st-Century Liteacies with Videogame-Infused Composition Pedagogy"
Kristie Fleckenstein "Cheating the Senses: Stereoscopic Mania and Nineteenth-Century Visual Literacy"
Tarez Samra Graban CCCC Workshop: "The Private and Public Work of Archival Research: Considering Physical and Digital Archival Spaces"
Tarez Samra Graban "'Creating a Desire for Knowledge…': Cecilia Hendricks and the Use of Student Voices in Forming College English at Indiana University, 1931-1953"
Leigh Graziano "The Ghost in the Machine: The Public and Private in Vernacular Memorials"
Christine Maddox "Relationship Building, Effective Questioning and Goal Setting: Retntion Strategies in the FYC Class"
Travis Maynard "And On the Eighth Day, God Created Rhetoricians: A Case Study of the Creation Museum"
Josh Mehler "19th-Century Small Printing Presses: Technology, Vernacular, Publics, and Composition Pedagogy"
Kendra Mitchell "Writing Centers, Ethnicity, and Performative Silences: An Ethnography of Selective Aphasia"
Elizabeth Powers "Constructing Genesis: Exploring the Visual Rhetoric of the Creation Museum"
Kathleen Blake Yancey, Katherine Bridgman, and Stephen McElroy CCCC Workshop: "Archiving Everyday Writing"
Kathleen Blake Yancey "'It Was Revolutionary': Four Scenes of Everyday Writers, the Technologies Supporting Them, and the Circulations Effecting Change"

RNF Presenters: Martha McKay Canter, Molly Daniel, Aimee Jones, Jennifer O'Malley

NHUKY (Networking Humanities) 2

Tarez Samra Graban "New Ecologies for Feminist Recovery."


Conference on College Composition and Communication

Logan Bearden "Historicizing Multimodal Meaning Making"
Katherine Bridgman "Passing Through the Textual Gateways of an Imagined Geography: Basic Writing"
Deborah Coxwell-Teague "An Examination of Composition Theory and Practice Circa 2012: Composition as a Gateway to What?"
Marion Crotty "Beyond Bennetton: The Ubiquitous But Unsophisticated Representation of Diversity in FYC Textbooks"
Molly Daniel "Transitioning Voice: Situating the 'I' in Academics"
Matt Davis "Cutting/Moving/Singing/Drawing Through the Hype: Writing Actions and Activities in Multimodal Composing" (workshop)
Kristie Fleckenstein "Can You Picture That? Visual Imagery at the Interface"
Rhea Lathan "Legacies, Gateways, and the Future of Literacy Studies" (Respondent)
Jennifer O'Malley "Mapping the Extracurriculum: Virtual Spaces as the New 'Kitchen Table' of Composition"
Ruth Outland "Walking the Walk While Talking the Talk: Teaching Composition As Rhetoric"
Elizabeth Powers "Early 20th Century Postcards of U.S. National Parks: Commercial & Vernacular Gateways to a Changed Environmental Imagination"
Jennifer Wells "Formula to Function: WAW and Knowledge Transfer from High School to College"
Kathleen Blake Yancey "Objects, the Vernacular, and Composing’s Invention"

RNF Presenters
Jason Custer, Christine Maddox, Rebecca Skinner

Computers and Writing

Matt Davis, Leigh Graziano, Stephen McElroy "The Available Means of Composing: Four Sites of Inquiry"
Catherine DeLazzero "Using Postprocess Pedagogy to Support E-Portfolio Assessment"
Christine Maddox "Believers and Followers: An Examination of the Digital and Virtual Identities of Starhawk"
Josh Mehler "More than Information: Re-Thinking Networked Writing in a Digital Writing Classroom"
Kendra Mitchell "Under Construction: HBCUSonline.com and the Future Implications of the Historically Black Institution"
Michael Neal "Same Game, New Rules: Conflating Fair Use and File Sharing"
Natalie Szymanski, Rory Lee "To Wix or Not to Wix: Exploring the Interface and the Affordances of Wix.com's Website Creator"
Bret Zawilski "Remediating Identities: Digital Literacies and the (Re)invention of Multiliterate Voices"

Rhetoric Society of America

Logan Bearden, Leigh Graziano, Josh Mehler "Spatial Epideictic: Material Rhetorics and Continuums of (Mis) Idenfication"
Katie Bridgman "(Re)Framing the Interests of English Speakers: 'We are all Khaled Said.'"
Kristie Fleckenstein "'To Guide Their Own Craft': Metaphors of Spatial Agency in Stanton's 'The Solitude of Self'" Feminisms and Rhetorics
Katherine Bridgman "Trinh Minh-ha's 'Interval' in the Protest Rhetoric(s) of Two Egyptian Women"
Molly Daniel "Validating the Vernacular: Appalachian Identity in the Composition Classroom"
Kristie Fleckenstein "Colloboration, Competition, and Close-Ups: The Intersecting Spheres of Frances Benjamin Johnston's Olympia Photographs"
Rebecca Skinner "Journalists Pry Lid off Parlor: Print as a Medium of Delivery"

National Council of Teachers of English

Matt Davis "Multimodality, Student Work, and Undergraduate Writing Majors in a Digital World"
Kristie Fleckenstein "Visualizing Literature: From Engagement to Interpretation through Images"
Kendra Mitchell "The Historical Influences and Future Directions of the Black Caucus"
Kathleen Blake Yancey "Then and Now: The Role of Teacher Response to Students and Their Writing"


Martha Canter "Soldiering Mothering: A Rhetorical Response to Post-9/11 Combat"
Deborah Coxwell-Teague "Is There a Place for Literature in a First-Year Composition Course?"
Jennifer O'Malley "The Difference Key Terms Can Make: The Role of Genre, Context, Digitality, and Reflection in Advanced Writing"

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