PhD alums from FSU's Rhetoric and Composition Program are quite active in the profession. Here's what they are doing now:

Amy Cicchino 2019

Dissertation: Notes Toward A Panoramic View: A National Portrait Of GTA Writing Pedagogy Education Across Doctoral Programs In Rhetoric and Composition
Current Position: Associate Director of University Writing in the Office of University Writing at Auburn
Professional Interests: digital multimodal pedagogy, writing program administration, and writing across the curriculum

Anna Worm 2019

Dissertation: Embodied Experiences in the Online Writing Center
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English in the department of History, English, and Creative Arts at West Virginia University Institute of Technology

Jeanette Lehn 2019

Dissertation: A Renewed Critical Pedagogy: Rethinking Activism Within Writing Program Administration
Current Position: Lecturer in Composition, University of Pittsburgh
Professional Interests: Critical pedagogy, writing program administration, and cultural studies

Travis Maynard 2019

Dissertation: A Curriculum Delivered, A Curriculum Remembered: An Alumni Study of an Undergraduate Concentration in Writing and Rhetoric
Current Position: Visiting Teaching Faculty, Florida State University
Professional Interests: Undergraduate Major Programs, Assemblage Pedagogy, Multimodal Composition

Julianna Edmonds 2019

Dissertation: Revitalizing Feminist Ethics for Composition Studies: From Standpoint to Epistemology
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English and First-Year Writing Coordinator, Valdosta State University
Professional Interests: writing program administration, first-year composition, feminist rhetorics and pedagogies

Joe Cirio 2018

Dissertation: Everyday Writing Assessment: An Alternate Approach to Writing Assessment Theory
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Writing and First Year Studies, Stockton University
Professional Interests: writing assessment, community literacy, everyday writing/literacy

Jason Custer 2018

Dissertation: More Modes, More Problems: Examining Tutor Education in Multimodal Writing Centers
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English at Minnesota State University Moorhead
Professional Interests: tutor and consultant education, multimodal composition, video game infused pedagogy

Jennifer Enoch 2018

Dissertation: "Do Not Forget His Name": Making and Remaking the Self in Everyday Writing
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English, Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Jeff Naftzinger 2018

Dissertation: A Portrait of Everyday Writing: A Writer-Informed Approach
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Languages and Literature, Sacred Heart University
Professional Interests: everyday writing and rhetorics

Martha McKay Canter 2018

Dissertation: Rhetoric on a Slant: Eighteenth-Century Performances in Sarah Fielding
Current Position: Visiting Instructor, English Department, University of South Florida
Professional Interests: Feminist rhetorics; women's historical rhetorical tradition; gender; ancient rhetoric

Aimee Jones 2017

Dissertation: The Role of Motivation in International ESL Graduate Students’ Engagement with Writing at the University Writing Center
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Barry University
Professional Interests: multicultural/multilingual literacies and writing center studies.

Megan Keaton 2017

Dissertation: ‘I Kinda Just Messed with It’: Investigating Students’ Resources for Learning Digital Composing Technologies Outside of Class
Current Position: Assistant Professor at Pfeiffer University
Professional Interests: multimodal and digital literacies, ecologies of composition, and students' "self-taught" literacies

Heather Lang 2017

Dissertation: Understanding, Perception, and Accommodation of Disability in Writing Centers
Current Position: Assistant Professor at Susquehanna Unviersity
Professional Interests: embodied rhetorics, with an emphasis in disabilities studies, digital activism, and writing center studies.

Erin Workman 2017

Dissertation: Visualizing Transfer: How Do Students' Conceptual Writing Knowledge Structures Connect to Their Transfer of Writing Knowledge and Practice?
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse and Director of First-Year Writing at DePaul University
Professional Interests: visual mapping, reflection, writing development, and lifespan writing

Kendall Sanchez 2017

Dissertation: Requisite to Great Undertakings: Impacts of Self-Efficacy Beliefs in College Composition Instructors

Andrew Burgess 2017

Dissertation: "Like a Rolling Stone": Moving Toward Methodologies for Analysis of Multimodal Musical Performance
Current Position: Lecturer, Buffalo State University
Professional Interests: composition pedagogy, documentary video production in first-year composition, rhetorical power in documentary films

Jacob Craig 2016

Dissertation: The Past is Awake: Situating Composers’ Mobile Practices within their Composing Histories
Current Position: Assistant Professor and Director of Writing, Rhetoric, and Publication, College of Charleston
Professional Interests: literacy technologies, digital culture, meaning making through writing

Brittney Boykins 2016

Dissertation: Inclusive Pulpit? Rhetoric and Gender in the African Methodist Episcopal Church
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English, Florida A&M University
Professional Interests: black church rhetoric, orality, community literacy and FYC

Molly Daniel 2016

Dissertation: Dancing into the Digital: Embodied Performance and Digital Multimodal Composition
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition, University of North Georgia
Professional Interests: composition and dance, embodiment, multimodal composition

Bruce Bowles 2016

Dissertation: Taken Out of Context?: Examining the Influence of Context on Teachers' Written Responses to Student Writing
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English and Director of the University Writing Center, Texas A&M University-Central Texas
Professional Interests: writing assessment, writing center pedagogy and administration, rhetoric and public discourse

Logan Bearden 2016

Dissertation: Favorable Outcomes: The Role of Outcomes Statements in Multimodal Curricular Transformation
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Written Communication and Director of the First-Year Writing Program, Eastern Michigan University
Professional Interests: multimodal composition, writing program administration, curriculum development

Christine Martorana 2015

Dissertation: " Looking Outside to Empower Within: Feminist Activists, Feminist Agency, and the Composition Classroom"
Current Position: Instructor of English, Florida International University, Writing Across the Curriculum Consultant
Professional Interests: feminist agency, feminist activism, and composition pedagogy

Bret Zawilski 2015

Dissertation: "When All That Is Old Becomes New: Transferring Writing Knowledge and Practice Across Print, Screen, and Network Spaces"
Current Position: Lecturer in Critical Skills, Maynooth University, Ireland
Professional Interests: new media composition, multimodality, digital composing platforms, materiality, design and usability, and scientific rhetoric

Leah F. Cassorla 2015

Dissertation: The Shifting Sands of Authority in the Age of Digital Convergence
Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Trinity College Hartford, CT
Professional Interests: Intersectionality of network theory, digital convergence, network and surveillance rhetoric, and rhetoric of the Other.

Kendra L. Mitchell 2015

Dissertation: Language in the Center: A Case Study of Multilingual Learners in a Historically Black University Writing Center
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English and Modern Languages, Florida A&M University
Professional Interests: HBCUs, rhetorical silences, multilingualism, and the intersections of race, literacy, and writing center studies

Katherine Bridgman 2014

Dissertation: Dissolving Transnational Boundaries: Interfaces and Invitations to Embody
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English and Writing Center Director at Texas A&M University, San Antonio
Professional Interests: teaching composition, writing center practice and theory, as well as historical and contemporary rhetorical theory; research on social media activism and digital interface

Leigh Graziano 2014

Dissertation:Mourning the Dead: Living Memorials, Rhetorical Functions, and Everyday Multimodality
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English, Western Oregon University
Professional Interests: visual-material rhetorics, especially everyday rhetorical practices; composition theory and practice; professional writing programs

Rory Lee 2014

Dissertation: Now with More Modes?: The Curricular Design and Implementation of Multimodality in Undergraduate Major Programs in Writing/Rhetoric
Current Position: Assistant Professor in Digital Rhetorics, Ball State University
Professional Interests: multimodality and new media, undergraduate major programs, rhetorical history and theory, composition history and theory, and multiliteracy centers

Stephen McElroy 2014

Dissertation: Assembling Postcards: The Multimodal Production of Curt Teich & Company
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition and Director of First-Year Writing, Babson College
Professional Interests: assemblage theory and composition, writing centers and digital studios, digital archives, digital production

Josh Mehler 2014

Dissertation: Mobile Vulgus: Everyday Writing, Portable Technology, and Counterpublics
Current Position: Learning Consultant @ Healthesystems, Tampa, FL
Professional Interests: print and digital text production, multimodal composition, historiography and everyday writing

Jennifer O'Malley 2014

Dissertation: Writing as a Social Practice: How Interaction and Circulation are Enacted in the First-Year Writing Class
Current Position: Senior Instructional Designer/Editor at SOE Software
Professional Interests: composition practices, social media, professional communication

Elizabeth Powers 2014

Dissertation: Reconstructing Florida’s Ethos
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English and Writing Center Director, University of Maine at Augusta
Professional Interests: Access and equity in first-year writing, multiliteracies, and multimodality

Natalie Syzmanski 2014

Dissertation: Untangling the Ecological Knots: Exploring the Creation and Maintenance of Sustainable Technology-enabled First Year Composition Programs
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English and Director of the College Writing Program, Buffalo State University
Professional Interests: sustainable technology initiatives, teaching and administrating composition, multimodal and digital composing

Matt Davis 2012

Dissertation: Rhetorical Composing: A Multimodal, Multimedia Model of Literacy
Current Position: Associate Professor of English and Director of the Center on Media and Society, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Professional Interests: literacy studies, technology and composition, composition theory and pedagogy, and collaborative learning and writing

Tony Ricks 2011

Dissertation: Communal Belief and Textual Invention: An Ethnographic Analysis of First-Year College Students' Writing Processes in a Living Learning Community
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Alabama A&M
Professional Interests: writing center theory and practice, composing theory and practice, community writing

Liane Robertson 2011

Dissertation: The Significance of Course Content in the Transfer of Writing Knowledge from First-Year Composition to Other Academic Contexts
Current Position: Associate Professor and WAC Director, William Paterson University of New Jersey
Professional Interests: transfer, cross institutional research

Kara Taczak 2011

Dissertation: Connecting the Dots: Does Reflection Foster Transfer?
Current Position: Teaching Associate Professor and ePortfolio Coordinator, University of Denver
Professional Interests: reflection and transfer, composition theories and practices

Scott Gage 2011

Dissertation: Creating the Cult: Image-Word in the Formation of a Supremacist Community
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English, Texas A & M - San Antonio
Professional Interests: the rhetoric of white supremacy, specifically as expressed through lynching postcards; professional writing; rhetoric

Terra Williams Bradley 2006

Dissertation: Student Discussion of Assigned Reading in Online First-Year Writing Courses
Current Position: Senior Editor, Office of Research in the College of Education, Florida State University
Professional Interests: educational funding for research, grant writing, proposals for federal, state, and local agencies and private foundations

Amy Hodges Hamilton 2005

Dissertation: Writing From the Inside Out: Connecting Self and Community in the First-Year Writing Classroom
Current position: Professor of English, Belmont University
Professional Interests: writing and psychology, first-year writing, creative nonfiction

Dan Melzer 2003

Dissertation title: Assignments across the Curriculum: A Study of Writing in the Disciplines
Current position: Associate Professor and Associate Director of First-Year Writing, University of California, Davis
Professional Interests: writing across the curriculum, writing centers, multiple literacies

Deborah Teague 1990

Dissertation: The Effects of College-Level Academic SkillsTest Instruction on the Development of First-Year Writers
Retired: Florida State University, Director of First-Year Composition (2019)
Current Position: Director of College Writing, Flagler College
Professional Interests: composition pedagogy, writing program administration, mentoring