Comments from Students


"Keep up with the weekly reading; it is a lot to read, but worth it. You do not want to fall behind! Study hard for the tests, and take good notes!" --Jessica Suchman, History of Text Technologies

"Definitely do the reading, and do the discussion board posts on time because they pertain to the daily lecture." --Daniela Jusino, Issues in Publishing

"To be successful in the EWM major, you have to read and interpret the message the professor wants to convey. The reading is thick, but at the end of the day, you feel like you learned something real." --Chelsea Santilli, Rhetoric

"Success in this major is not just a piece of cake. There is a lot of work involved with reading, blogging, and really dissecting the information. I think you are rewarded by the amount of time you devote because there is a lot to learn from these professors." --Heather McQueen, Writing and Editing in Print and Online

"Success in the EWM major comes with concentrated studying, communication with professors, and openness to viewing the realm of editing, writing, and media as fluid." --Caitlin Dusineberre, Rhetoric

"If you love what you're learning, success will come with time and effort." --Whitney Goldbach, Writing and Editing in Print and Online