Deborah Coxwell-Teague

Teaching Professor, Director, College Composition
WMS 222A
First-Year Composition Program

DEBORAH COXWELL-TEAGUE, Associate in English, Ph.D. in Composition and Rhetoric (1990), M.S. in Reading/Language Arts (1983), is Director of the First-Year Composition Program in the Department of English. She trains and supervises the 150+ graduate teaching assistants who teach close to 400 sections of first-year composition each year, and she also teaches a variety of composition courses. She and Dan Melzer, a former FSU TA who earned PhDs from Florida State in both Rhetoric/Composition and Creative Writing, co-authored a composition textbook, Everything's a Text, published in December 2011 by Pearson. Deborah has also recently co-authored an article titled "Advanced Placement English and College Composition: A Comparison of Writing at the High School and First-Year College Levels," with Ron Lunsford and John Kiser, that is included in the 2nd edition of What Is College-Level Writing? She is currently working with Ron Lunsford on an edited collection, First-Year Composition: Putting Theory into Practice, which is scheduled to be published in spring 2014 with Parlor Press, and she is completing the new edition of The Longman Writer for Pearson Publishing Company, due to be published in fall 2014.


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