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University of Brasilia, Brazil Professor Marcus Mota reflects on his teaching experiences at FSU and his work with English Professor Stan Gontarki that led to Mota's book "Dramatugias. Conceitos, Exercícios e Análises," which is based on his course notebooks.

Howell will teach courses in American literature, history, and culture through a media studies lens at Yokohama National University and Tokai University. His grant proposal was entitled “Public Speaking and the American Publics.”

Florida State University doctoral student recognizes the power of walking in the footsteps of great writers, and she writes poetry that 'echoes the past.'

Alumna Amy Cicchino taught her students the skills they need to succeed beyond the classroom, and they, in turn, helped sharpen her focus on collaboration and problem-solving.

Karen Tucker's honor comes with a monetary prize, but more importantly, winning the award gave her "a welcome dose of encouragement."

George Mills Harper Professor of English Judith Pascoe empowers students to take charge of their academic and career paths and to reimagine the opportunities beyond the classroom.