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Two days after English major Maura Binkley was killed in a Tallahassee shooting, Professor Gary Taylor expressed his grief on paper. The essay gained a wide readership online, and the editors for Best American Essays chose it for inclusions in this year's collection.

With a new vision, editors for The Southeast Review looks ahead with the aim to make the journal's content more accessible to readers.

Melanie Flores and Ashley Falzoi relied on their English department courses and research work to find a place in one of FSU's academic organizations.

CJ Hauser appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and she wowed the host and viewers with her stories about her writing as well as how she inspires her students to find time to write.

Laurel Lathrop succeeded in all of the challenges to become a show contestant. She competes along with two other trivia buffs, in front of TV game show host Alex Trebek.

FSU English alumna Kelly Hall has seen the world from multiple perspectives, and now she is encouraging undergraduate students to follow a similar path.