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The National Council of Teachers of English recognized the English professor for the "profession-wide influence, both in this country and around the world" Yancey has had on the discipline.

The FSU English professor read selections from his forthcoming publication "The Painted Bunting’s Last Molt," which will be released in March 2020.

English Associate Professor Michael Neal won a University Undergraduate Teaching Award for the academic year of 2018-19, an honor he calls "gratifying but also humbling."

New RWC coordinator Jude Marr brings a varied academic background and familiarity with many types of writing to help students become better writers in general, not just with academics.

Paul Shields, who earned his Ph.D. from FSU in 2005, reflects back on his years of studying with Professor Stan Gontarski and learning more about Samuel Beckett.

The Modern Language Association and the Modernist Studies Association both touted the significance of his book "Beginning at the End: Decadence, Modernism, and Postcolonial Poetry."