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Karen Laughlin came to FSU in 1982 and held a joint appointment in English and Humanities for several years. She held a position as associate professor of English, and she spent her entire professional career at FSU. For the past 17 years, she led the Division of Undergraduate Studies.

Winning the award was a shock, but she is encouraged to know that scholars outside of her discipline recognize the importance and value her own research.

FSU's Reading-Writing Center and Digital Studio earned national certification in December 2019 for the work tutors and consultants offer to the campus community.

The term “ethnofuturisms” refers to the ways in which marginalized groups are able to re-imagine their identities in society through various forms of literature.

Funded by a grant from the Council of Writing Program Administrators, the assistant professor in the Rhetoric and Composition Program has teamed up with two researchers to study how reflection is addressed in first-year writing classes.

Several English doctoral students talk about the process of introducing someone and being introduced before a Tuesday night reading at The Bark.