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David Advent and Erin Christopher excelled throughout their undergraduate careers as English majors, so capping the experience by winning two major department awards is no surprise. Even if both students weren't quite sure what they won at first.

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The Department of English’s top honor for doctoral students during its annual awards ceremony is the Edward H. and Marie C. Kingsbury Graduate Fellowship. Tanya Grae and Christopher Michaels are the 2019 recipients, and both expressed appreciation for the recognition.

Creative writing doctoral student Dorothy Chan and rhetoric and composition doctoral student Amy Cicchino shared the 2018-19 Bertam and Ruth Davis Award for Outstanding Career as a Graduate Student.

In addition to showing appreciation for the student winners, the 2018-19 English department awards event featured FSU President John Thrasher celebrating Professor David Kirby's first 50 years of teaching.

By Amber Deschene

Parking spots are going to be tough to find outside The Bark on Tuesday nights through the end of April.

When people find out a college student is earning an English degree, they likely think that student is focused strictly on historical or modern literature, creative writing, or rhetoric and composition. Most of those people probably have not stepped foot in an English department in many years, though.