Vice: A Musical






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Hurry Hurry Hurry
Vindice’s Aria
One brief night
Head scene
Duke’s tango
Dance of Death

All tracks are taken from an original cast recording of the performance of Vice at the Arcola Theatre, London, on the 16th of August, 2010, directed by Andrew Steggall and designed by Jessica Curtis.


Vindice John Addison
Hippolito Tim Delap
Gratiana Caroline Faber
Castiza Carly Bawden
The Duke Michael Bauer
Lussorioso Seamus Cullen
Spurio Patrick Egersborg
The Duchess Jane Fowler
Ambitioso Gary Albert Hughes
Supervacuo Tom Idelson
Junior Oliver Evans
Lord Antonio Giles Davies
The Judge Oliver Brignall
The Jailor Giles Davies
The Executioner Patrick Egersborg
The Pandars John Trenchard
Patrick Egersborg
Giles Davies
Oliver Brignall


Jools Scott, Piano
Dan Berry, Sax
Will Harris, Bass
Nick Malcolm, Trumpet
Beth Porter, Cello
Zebedee Tonkin, Trombone
Mark Whitlam, Drums

Vice was written by Jools Scott and Sue Curtis
Lyrics: Sue Curtis Music: Jools Scott

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