Middleton Teaching Tools

Bed Trick: A Short Film Inspired by the Changeling 
This short film, produced by London’s Young Vic theatre, introduces audiences to the concept of the “bed trick,” a plot device central to Middleton and Rowley’s play The Changeling, while also making oblique reference to the play’s darker themes. Be advised; it contains some adult content.

Taylor: Undergraduate Renaissance Drama Syllabus

This undergraduate syllabus, focused on collaborative writing in the early modern period, examines the work of Shakespeare, Fletcher, and Middleton together, in an effort to understand what they do better than Shakespeare, what Shakespeare does better than them, and how to distinguish an individual artistic voice from the shared conventions of an epoch.

Taylor: Team of Rivals Syllabus

This is a graduate version of the above collaborative writing syllabus.

Daileader: Shakespeare’s Siblings Syllabus

This graduate syllabus examines the work of Thomas Middleton and Aphra Behn, specifically the ways in which Middleton and Behn subverted, appropriated, revised, or simply ignored the Bard of Avon—particularly in regard to his gender politics—as well as the ways in which Behn looked to Middleton for alternatives to Shakespearean character types and genres (mastering, for instance, city comedy as only Middleton did).