Middleton and Macbeth

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“Macbeth and Middleton,” by Gary Taylor (2014) in Macbeth: The Norton Critical Edition, ed. Robert Miola, rev. ed. (New York: Norton, 2014), 296-305

Gary Taylor’s (2014) reply to Vickers (2010) on Middleton’s adaptation of Macbeth, as printed in Macbeth, ed. Robert Miola, Norton Critical Edition (New York: W. W. Norton, 2014). Because Vickers criticized Oxford University Press for commissioning Taylor to edit the Collected Works of Thomas Middleton (2007) and theComplete Works of Shakespeare (forthcoming, 2016), Taylor published this reply with another, rival publisher. Another essay by Taylor, on Middleton’s presence in Macbeth, is also forthcoming in 2014; more information will be posted on this site when available.

Selection from Holdsworth doctoral dissertation (on “meeting” stage directions).
“Holdsworth article on entrance directions in Memoria di Shakespeare”

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“Disintegrated: Did Middleton adapt Macbeth?” by Brian Vickers
“An Enquiry into Middleton’s supposed ‘adaptation’ of Macbeth” by Marcus Dahl, Marina Tarlinskaya, and Brian Vickers