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The Oxford Handbook Of Thomas Middleton
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Table Of Contents

List of Figures
List of Contributors
Gary Taylor and Trish Thomas Henley: Unintroduction: Middletonian Dissensus
1: Julian Yates: Thomas Middleton’s Shelf Life
2: Paul Yachnin: Playing with Space: Making a Public in Middleton’s Theatre
3: Gary Taylor: History . Plays . Genre . Games
4: Tiffany Stern: Middleton’s Collaborators in Music and Song
5: Raphael Seligmann: Passionate Tunes for Amorous Poems: Middleton’s Way with Music
6: Carol Chillington Rutter: Playing with Boys on Middleton’s Stage-and Ours
7: Thomas Roebuck: Middleton’s Historical Imagination
8: Barbara Ravelhofer: Middleton and Dance
9: Gail Kern Paster: The Ecology of Passions in A Chaste Maid in Cheapside and The Changeling
10: Lucy Munro: Middleton and Caroline Theatre
11: Laurie Maguire and Emma Smith: ‘Time’s comic sparks’: the Dramaturgy of A Mad World My Masters and Timon of Athens
12: Eleanor Lowe: ‘My cloak’s a stranger; he was made but yesterday’: Clothing, Language, and the Construction of Theatre in Middleton
13: Courtney Lehmann: ‘Old Dad dead?’ The Rise of the Neo-Noir ‘Heritage’ Film, Or, Middleton with a View
14: Douglas Lanier: ‘Nimble in damnation, quick in tune’: Vice and The Revenger’s Tragedy
15: Jonathan Hope: Middletonian Stylistics
16: Trish Thomas Henley: Tragicomic Men
17: David Hawkes: Middleton and Usury
18: Richard F. Hardin: Middleton, Plautus, and the Ethics of Comedy
19: Meredith Molly Hand: ‘More lies than true tales’: Skepticism in Middleton’s Mock Almanacs
20: Heidi Brayman Hackel: Staging Muteness in Middleton
21: Stephen Guy-Bray: Middleton’s Language Machine
22: David Glimp: Middleton and the Theatre of Emergency
23: Indira Ghose: Middleton and the Culture of Courtesy
24: Gabriel Gbadamosi: Playwright to Playwright: The Changeling
25: Barbara Fuchs: Middleton and Spain
26: Ewan Fernie: Demonic Middleton
27: Lars Engle: Middleton and Mimetic Desire
28: Celia R. Daileader: Thomas Middleton, William Shakespeare, and the Masculine Grotesque
29: Joseph Campana: Middleton as Poet
30: Paul Budra: The Emotions of Tragedy: Middleton or Shakespeare?
31: Regina Buccola: Giving Revenger’s Its Due
32: Douglas Bruster: Middleton’s Imagination
33: Karen Britland: Middleton and the Continent
34: Terri Bourus: ‘It’s a whole different sex!’: Women Performing Middleton on the Modern Stage
35: Bruce Boehrer: Middleton and Ecological Change
36: Mary Bly: ‘The Lure of a Taffeta Cloak’: Middleton’s Sartorial Seduction in Your Five Gallants