GEAR's role as an Ombudsman for Graduate Students

GEAR is the Graduate English Advocacy Resource—which means we're not just the grad student welcome wagon (though we do that too). GEAR's purpose is to "promote the interests of English students in the department and in the university, to act as a conduit to the faculty on behalf of the English Graduate Student body, and to further develop the quality of graduate education and overall learning environment with the department" (Graduate Handbook 09-10). In essence, GEAR plays the role of an ombudsman for the department's graduate students, serving as a mediator to communicate your concerns to the faculty community.

Gear believes nothing will change if we do not at least voice our legitimate concerns. The more people we hear from on any given issue, the more weight we'll have behind us. So, let us know what's got your goat or what sparkling ideas you have to make our department a better place.


The GEAR Council