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229 Williams Building


STEPHEN J. McELROY, Ph.D., Florida State University (2014), is the Director of the FSU Reading-Writing Center and Digital Studio. His specialties include digital composing, writing support networks, and the intersections of assemblage theory and composition. He is a co-founder of the FSU Card Archive, which is a physical and digital archive of over 2500 postcards that serves as a site of research into various areas: visual rhetoric, material productions of everyday writing, social politics and representation. His article about the conception, construction, and production of the archive, coauthored with Michael Neal and Katherin Bridgman, won the 2014 Computers and Composition Michelle Kendrick Outstanding Digital Production/Scholarship Award.

He has led multiple workshops in composing strategies, software platforms, and multimedia production for a variety of groups and organizations around campus. His current research is into the production of picture postcards during their heyday as one of the most popular forms of everyday communication.

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